Wednesday, November 11, 2015

A Bigelow tea that's perfect for Veterans Day!

The tea aisle seems to be expanding just about everywhere I've shopped lately: Ingles, Kroger, Publix. And at my local Publix over the weekend, I came across this American Breakfast blend of tea from Bigelow.

Now I'm a "coffee first" kind of girl in the mornings, and I don't normally have my first cup of tea until about 11 a.m., mainly because I want the caffeine I get from coffee. Then I read "50 percent more caffeine" on this tea and decided I would give it a try.

And then I saw something I really loved, a yellow ribbon noting that some of the proceeds from this tea support our troops! I'm happy I found this tea, because it really does seem to give me an extra kick of caffeine on these rainy days we've had for what seems like forever. The instructions said to steep the tea for four minutes, and I did so to begin with. As expected, that was a tad too brisk for me. I steeped the next cup of this tea for just three minutes, and it was just right. The tea has a pleasantly brisk black tea taste with a nice touch of lemon, and I predict I'm going to be drinking a lot of this one—so I'm delighted to know I'll be supporting a great cause as well!


  1. You are right, this is a perfect tea for today!

  2. I am an English breakfast fan, so will have to try our version! Thanks for the heads up.

  3. How nice that you found a tea that will "kickstart your day".

  4. My son in law is a Navy vet, so thanks for passing on this information: Anything to support our troops!
    Susan T. from Ohio

  5. I saw this tea at Publix. Thanks for the review


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