Monday, November 16, 2015

Christmas teawares from T.J. Maxx

Saturday was the monthly meeting day of my writers group in Smyrna, and as usual, I left with lots of inspiration and my head full of writing ideas. Authors, it turns out, are supposed to have an email newsletter, and I've never done a newsletter for myself before. So I can just about promise you I will be offering a free tea newsletter in the new year simply so I can learn how to publish one! As is also my custom after each meeting, I immediately headed to the best T.J. Maxx and More in the state, the one at Cumberland. Women were loading their shopping carts with Christmas decor (I wanted to ask one woman, "Exactly what are you going to do with those giant gold antlers?"), and I was thankful I'd already started scoping out the teawares. While they had a huge display of beautiful black chintzware (teapots, teacups, sugar bowls, creamers), I didn't see any Christmas things I just had to have. So I continued on through the store, but before I left, I decided to buzz back by the china aisle "just in case." And it just so happened, an employee was unboxing teacup candles and these pretty poinsettia chintz teapots! The teapots were $12.99, the teacups were $5.99, and one of each went home with me.

I love the graphics on this teapot and how they incorporate bits of ornate drawings and sheet music.

It's subtle, but I really like the mix of this and the poinsettias and holly.

I debated over this teacup, because the cup itself looked more like a common Japanese teacup, not fine bone china made in England, but I do mix and match, especially at Christmas. The Winter Berries candle smelled heavenly, and the Christmas design on the cup and saucer was pretty, no matter where it was made, so home with me it went.

And guess what I found on the bottom of the teacup when I got home? Made in England! Who knew? I'm still wondering if maybe only the candle was made in England and the cup and saucer were made elsewhere, but at any rate, I'm glad to have this set. I'm hoping to have a big Christmas tea at my home one year, and I don't have nearly enough Christmas teacups to plan such an event just yet. Maybe next year?


  1. I love that teapot! Wish I had stopped at TJM when I was out shopping Saturday! My time and energy ran out, though. Have you been to Hallmark to see the ornaments yet? I didn't find any teacups there but they have a darling tiny Santa mug this year.

  2. I would have been surprised if you left TJM without something tea related Angela. :-)
    Newsletters are fun, I did our garden club one for quite a few years but dumped it this year after a couple of persnickety emails. Someone I trusted gave me wrong information about who started our club and I should have known better as a writer to verify it before sending out the newsletter.

  3. Beautiful! I can't wait to get to my TJMax!

  4. Great finds. Looking forward to the newsletter next year.

  5. More great treasures, Angela - I have a softspot for "holly berries and leaves," and have always had a hard time finding them. You have such good luck, it was meant to be! Looking forward to your newsletter, Joanie


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