Friday, November 20, 2015

Rereading my vintage November issues of Victoria

I've been trying to clean out a bunch of old magazines at my house, but every time I even *think* about getting rid of my vintage issues of Victoria, I start rereading an issue or two and I'm charmed all over again! One thing I absolutely love is that I always, always find mentions of teatime in Victoria. This week, I pulled out the November issues from 1993-1995, and something on the cover struck me for the first time. Do you see it? All three of these issues say "Come Gather at Our Table." Interesting that they would use the same cover line three years in a row, isn't it? And yet year after year, I gobbled up each Thanksgiving issue because each one had gorgeous new photos and articles!

I had forgotten that they had a regular feature titled "The Charms of Tea." In this 1994 issue, that feature was about Angeline Goreau's love of the Angelina tea salon in Paris. She writes of returning there for 20 years and "looking for my earlier selves." Isn't that pretty? Considering the horrid news out of Paris one week ago, I was so pleased to view the city through a much lovelier lens thanks to this 21-year-old magazine.

The article I read with the most pleasure, from November 1995, was "A Grandmother's Table" by M. J. Andersen. I can't find a copy of the entire article online, but it is included in the Victoria book "The Quiet Center," and I searched online and found that many libraries have this book available, so you might want to search it out. Andersen and an aunt were charged with cleaning out the possessions of her late maternal grandmother, a woman who collected a lot of things, including "Grandma's great love … dishes." (Imagine that!)  Here's an excerpt: "One night, exhausted and stretched out on the living room floor, I noticed a cabinet under the TV that we had overlooked. Inside was an entire set of Limoges. We laughed until we were tearful. Grandma's formal china, familiar from holiday dinners, was a Hutschenreuther set, beautiful violets on a white background. Where and when had she ever come up with this gold-rimmed Limoges with its pale-green flowers?" Oh, how I love that story! Do any of you like to go back through these old Victorias as well?


  1. I have only a couple of vintage issues of Victoria, but I can see that re-reading the holiday ones would be a delight. I think the finding of another cabinet full of dishes would be a wonderful discovery! I'm sure my children will be saying similar things about me, only it's a few pieces of many different patterns, rather than full sets. It's all fun!

  2. I do! I have cut up a couple for art projects, but still have many of them. I need to bring them out again.

  3. Yes, I have kept my vintage holiday issues of Victoria, and go back through them periodically. They are so beautiful and give me a sense of peace. I'm glad to hear that you re-read them, too!

    from DCCardsFan

  4. I do! One of my regrets is that I didn't listen to an older friend who introduced me to the Victoria magazines in the late '80s early '90s. She bought me an issue and said I needed to subscribe. I was young and foolish at that time. Later on, when I'd aged a bit, I bought an issue at the bookstore and did indeed subscribe. I've saved every issue and bought ones that were older at yard sales and antique shops. If I ever get a chance to put them all together I'll probably have some duplicates, but that's all right. I'll just pass those on to some other younger person who I hope will be wiser than I was.

    Our youngest daughter is named Victoria so these magazines, both old and new, are even more special because of that connection. I'm so glad Miss Phyllis decided to revive Victoria and haven't missed an issue from the beginning of the new offering.

    A belated thank you for the tea samples. Every day I tell myself to sit down and write you a proper thank you note, and every night I realize I've not done so. Thank you so much for sharing not only the samples but all the other great tea related items and news you find.

  5. I have almost every issue except for the first one or two, through to when it first stopped being published. Haven't looked at them in awhile - you've inspired me to start taking a look! :-) Heidi T.


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