Thursday, February 19, 2015

Do you know which authors preferred tea?

My husband knows I enjoy reading all kinds of trivia about writers, and he shared an infographic with me this week that I thought was well worth sharing here. Above is a screen grab of the essential part of the graphic, titled "Opposite Habits of Famous Writers," and you can click here for a link to the full infographic at

I was not a bit surprised to see Jane Austen in the tea camp, or C. S. Lewis, for that matter. I was unaware, however, that some modern authors like Michael Pollan and Stephen King are tea drinkers! I also enjoyed learning about which writers write fast since I, too, write fast. (Everything I read about writing today tells me that I am probably helped by the fact I was a journalist for many years and learned to write on deadline.)

Since so many of you are writers (or aspiring writers) yourselves, I hope you'll enjoy this graphic as much as I did—perhaps while enjoying your morning cup of tea!


  1. Interesting under the first box for Night Writers they listed J.D. Salinger twice.

    Also ironic that under Very Slow Writers an author named Rush is listed. Hee hee.

  2. I've been enjoying catching up on your blog - so many wonderful posts, especially your short story series.

  3. Fascinating! I write fast when I write too. That is why I like the computer because I can go faster.

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