Monday, February 2, 2015

A Valentine's vignette

Last year I didn't meet my goal of creating a new vignette on the tea trolley each month, but this year, I'm happy to report, I'm 2 for 2! Of course my love for Valentine's Day is one reason it's so fun (and easy) to pull together a pink and red vignette each year.

I don't normally display matching teacups on one of my teacup stands, but this time it struck me as right.

I bought the teacups last year (at Ross) because they matched this teapot, a Valentine's gift from my late mother one year. My mom poured her heart into her family throughout her whole life, but it's nice to be reminded that she once gave me the other kind of hearts at Valentine's, too.

And speaking of my mom, I'm wondering if it was she who gave me this tablecloth. I came across it in the linen closet over the weekend, and I honestly don't remember ever buying it. One year my mother gave me a big pile of vintage linens as part of my Christmas gift, and I'm thinking that perhaps this was in that stash. At any rate, I thought the white on white embroidery was so pretty and well-suited for a Valentine's display.

I love to pull out my vintage Valentines each February. Why, oh why, can't they make pretty honeycomb Valentines like these today? (They're called honeycomb because of the honeycomb-like design of the folded tissue, by the way.)

Here's an old tea kettle Valentine I found in a tiny little antique store years ago.

This porcelain rose seemed a good fit for Valentine's decor as well. Local folks will remember when The Alamo, an old theatre in Newnan, was converted to a wonderful gift shop many years ago. I bought this at The Alamo back then and, knock on wood, have managed to keep it intact. Even the thin green stem is porcelain, but it must be sturdy because it has survived a move and numerous changes in decor!

Here's another rose, this one a Fitz and Floyd sugar bowl that matches a teapot I have. (I don't yet own the creamer. If you ever see one, holler!)

This old rose picture is another piece I found at an antique store years ago. For some reason, I love that it is weathered and water-stained in one corner. Isn't that a crazy reason to like something?

So that's how I said hello to February. Will you be doing any Valentine's decorating at your house?


  1. Oh, your Valentine's vignette is beautiful! I LOVE those teacups and that teapot, and I know it is extra special because your mother gave you the teapot. I could gush over all the other elements of the vignette, to, and all together it is perfect. I'm going to set my dining table tonight (busy weekend, didn't get to that yet) for Valentine's Day, using red and white and various teacups with roses on them. You have inspired me to get started!

  2. Your Valentine vignette is very pretty and festive. It is perfect for the month of February.

  3. What a beautiful way to say hello to February! Love your tea trolley vignette and everything in it - especially the teapot and teacups with pink hearts! Happy February!

  4. So pretty! Love your vignette for Valentine's day. You have me searching for tea pot Valentines and heart teacups!

  5. Your teacart vignette is so pretty! I look forward to seeing it decorated for the next holiday (the pressure is on!). I have the matching mug to your teapot and teacups that I found a Ross quite a few years back. I go to a lot of estate sales and antique shops, so I'll be on the lookout for a Fitz and Floyd creamer to match your sugar bowl and teapot. Can you show a pic of the teapot?

  6. Oh, I just saw that you did include a pic of the teapot. Never mind!

  7. Your Valentine vignette warms my heart!

  8. Love your Valentine vignette from the heart teapot from your mom,
    the porcelain rose, white linen, Valentines, but most of all the rose picture.
    I like that is worn and well used/loved.

  9. Great the hearts! So cute!

  10. Always fun to see your decorated tea trolley! I just love those heart teacups! My other "fav" is the vintag valentine card! It is so YOU.....warming our hearts with tea! Have a Happy Valentine's Day!

  11. Angela, your tea cart is just beautiful! I love to see how you arrange your treasures, you are a woman of so many talents. Here's wishing you and your sweetheart a very happy Valentine's week. All the best, Joanie

  12. That looks darling and I love the vintage Valentine!


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