Monday, February 16, 2015

A tea tasting with the new aroma cup set!

Naturally, I was eager to try that new aroma cup set I received from Tea Ave last week, so this weekend I made time to try out one of the new tea samples they sent!

The Magnolia Oolong is the one I chose to sample first. The dry tea leaves were different shades of dark green and were rolled into tight little balls. The description says, "Known for its calming qualities, magnolia is a sumptuous, exotic tea, light and pure-tasting. Magnolia is a highly refined tea with an appealing sweet flavor and warm floral notes." I couldn't wait to see if I agreed!

The package had very specific instructions on how to brew the tea, depending on whether you're brewing by gaiwan, tea bag, teapot or cold brew method. Since I was using this set that is similar to a gaiwan, I used that method and brewed the tea leaves for just 1 minute. The tall aroma cup (shown here) allows you to fully appreciate the aroma of the tea. While the dry tea leaves had a sweet and almost citrusy scent, the brewed tea had a more vegetal scent but still with that hint of a sweet little something extra.

After 1 minute, I poured the tea into the drinking cup (without using a strainer, as you can tell). The flavor of this tea was more complex than I expected, quite a smooth, pleasing oolong with a light aftertaste, no astringency or bitterness, and indeed, that sweet finish they had described. I brewed it again and enjoyed it again, and I definitely am a fan of this Taiwanese oolong. If you missed Saturday's post, be sure and visit it before 7 a.m. EST tomorrow so you can comment and have a chance of winning some oolong samples and one of these wonderful aroma cup sets for yourself!


  1. Don't you just love to watch those tightly rolled tea leaves unfurl as they brew? It's like a hidden treasure! Your tall aroma cup is quite fun!

  2. This is so neat, Angela. Can't wait to try these teas. Thanks for sharing it, Joanie


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