Tuesday, February 3, 2015

A Lavender & White Tea Gift Set

I don't often splurge on bath products for myself, but when I came across this set on the clearance rack at Marshalls last week for just $8, I decided to indulge. Why?

Well, I genuinely needed some new bath products, for one thing, but also because this gift set was marked "Lavender & White Tea."

Now I've had this happen enough times that I should've known better, but I got home and realized that none of the ingredient panels actually list camellia sinensis as an ingredient. (Insert *sigh* here.) And yet, I've learned that white tea is sometimes included among the fragrance ingredients, so that's a possibility I suppose. At any rate, the light lavender scent is quite pleasing, and considering I got a cute metal container, a shower puff, body wash, hand and body lotion, and body scrub for just $1.60 per item, I don't guess I can complain!


  1. I'm sure the manufacturer had no idea that a tea enthusiast would purchase the product because it mentioned white tea. LOL As you say, some nice items in the bargain though.

  2. As long as it smells good, it's a winner!

  3. That is a neat puff. I've not seen one quite like it before.

  4. You so deserve a special "tea" tubby time! Enjoy!

  5. What a special treat for yourself. Enjoy!


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