Monday, December 27, 2010

A White Christmas ... in Georgia!

You'd have to be a lifelong resident of the deep South to fuly appreciate this, I guess, but we had a White Christmas in Georgia this year -- unbelievable! This is what it looked like at my mom and dad's house shortly after we arrived on Christmas Day!

Niece Amelia, 5, insisted on going outside in her cute new outfit, although I think she soon learned she was missing a significant piece of outerwear.

Nephew Matthew, 2, kept going to the window and looking outside. I wonder if he'll possibly remember that it snowed on Christmas Day when he was 2. That has *never* happened in my lifetime, so a bunch of "old kids" like me here in Georgia were just beside ourselves!

Alex and I left the celebration early so we could get back home without any trouble. I'll be the first to admit it: southern drivers do not know how to drive with a few snowflakes swirling about, so it's best to get on home, which we did, but the snow ended about halfway home.

Happily, though, later that afternoon it started snowing here in Newnan, so we felt we got to enjoy two White Christmases that day, and this is what we woke to the day after Christmas!

We did not, of course, return empty-handed, and I am happy to report that my mother did her usual fantastic job of compiling my gift from yard sale and antique store finds. One box was topped with this wonderful array of vintage linens, including tablecloths, doilies, placemats and more.

My gifts also included a pink sandwich glass canister and ...

... these two Depression glass teacups in the Old Colony/Lace Edge pattern, which I love.

I had never seen a Tea Shop cookie jar before, so I was very happy to get that, as it will be great for holding an assortment of tea bags, including some new ones with chai tea from my sister.

Some of my other tea goodies included a pretty silver dragonfly teabag holder (from my husband) and ...

... a teacup garden accent from my friend Deberah, which will be put to good use in my tea garden this spring. I love how crafters are making these new garden accents out of old bottles and planters and teacups and such -- gives such "character" in the garden, I think. These are, as the song says, "a few of my favorite things," and tomorrow I'll tell you about the most useful tea gift I got for Christmas! So what about you? Did Santa bring you any fun tea goodies this year? And did you have a White Christmas too? Oops ... gotta go look out the windows, it's snowing again!!!


  1. Your Christmas tea goodies are wonderful. I love that Tea Shop cookie jar, pink sandwich glass canister - everything.

    It was nice having a white Christmas and quite a relief to show up for church on Sunday and see cars in the parking lot, unlike the first time we experienced snow in Georgia. :-)

  2. I can't believe you had snow in Georgia! Very pretty for Christmas Day I'm sure but here in the north (Ontario, Can.) it's also very cold.
    You received some really nice things, great vintage linens and other items you collect.
    I received a cup and saucer as a hostess gift from friends that came for dinner just before Christmas, a package set of herbal teas and a Royal Albert teapot ornament from my husband.
    I've enjoyed visiting your blog this year and always look forward to the books you feature.

  3. It was a White Christmas in Michigan too, but that's to be expected here in the north! I loved seeing your tea themed Christmas presents. When I was vacationing in Myrtle Beach this summer I found [and purchased] the Tea Shop cookie jar like yours at a flea market. As for my tea themed Christmas presents, I received a Dainty Blue Shelley teacup, a box of four Royal Albert teacups commemorating their 100th anniversary [I'm told I'll get the other box of four next Christmas! ;-)], a Buckingham tea hamper from Fortnum & Mason, and some white tea from Teavana. Santa was very good to me!

  4. Here in southern KY we have received far more snow in December than I can remember in the past. Our local school missed 4 days of school already! They made up two of those days last week during the scheduled break. We had a white Christmas, too.
    Great vintage gifts from your mother!

  5. We had a white Christmas in NC too. Though it didn't start snowing until about 4pm. The dragonfly tea bag holder is very pretty. I received the cookbook "Culinary Tea". Have you read that book? The recipes look very interesting, I can't wait to try them.

  6. Love seeing the snow in the South. No snow here in the Pacific Northwest. Also loved seeing your Christmas treasures. I have one piece of pink Old Colony depression glass and also love it. That canister is beautiful.

  7. Love your post today, Angela! Your snow photos are beautiful.
    I love the vintage linens.
    Happy Holidays to you & yours,

  8. How how beautiful! What a wonderful gift to receive... snow!!! Makes me think of the movie, White Christmas!

    You made out girlfriend, look at those lovely dishes and fabrics!


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