Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Mrs. Tea Retires

Today, The McRae Company is announcing the retirement of Mrs. Tea. She joined the company in January of 2008 and has served admirably during that time.

Mrs. Tea's career here, while brief, was marked by distinction and honor. With a true servant's heart, she made a cup of tea for a single sipper with just as much gusto as she brewed up a pot for a tableful of distinguished guests at a birthday tea or spring luncheon. She was no respecter of persons and treated everyone with equal regard.

In recent months, however, it became apparent that Mrs. Tea was suffering from serious health problems. The groaning and moaning she made during tea preparation were extremely uncharacteristic of her. And without becoming too indiscreet, it must be mentioned that bladder control became an issue and leakage was often left in her wake, a bit of an embarrassment to all concerned. The decision was made that it was time for Mrs. Tea's fine career to come to a close, and she, being her usual gracious self, agreed to step aside quietly and make room for a newcomer.

So it is with much pleasure that the company today announces the hiring of Mr. Electric Water Kettle. Following an exhaustive search with the Amazon company, and after reviewing his many stellar references, Mr. Kettle was offered the position of chief tea maker for the company and assumed his new duties Dec. 25.

His resume includes the ability to boil water with the press of a single button and ...

... other useful skills, such as bringing to the job an easy-to-read water level indicator.

"We look forward to a long and mutually rewarding partnership with Mr. E.W. Kettle," said Angela McRae, spokesperson for the company. "While we certainly appreciate Mrs. Tea's service and wish her a happy retirement, we are delighted to be moving in a new direction and anticipate many productive days ahead."

McRae also said she wished to acknowledge her husband's role in bringing Mr. Kettle into the company just in time for Christmas.


  1. too cute!I always enjoy reading your post.Don't stop.

  2. Wishing Mrs. Tea all the best in her retirement. :-)

    My Mr. Russel-Hobbs has served me well for many years now, as I trust your new employee will.

  3. Love the way you write! And you will love your electric kettle-Ruth introduced me to mine.

  4. What a hoot! So sorry that Mrs. Tea had to move on, but WOW, neat replacement! ♥♫

  5. Too Too Funny! I too had a 'Brown Betty' and it suffered the same unmentionable condition--leakage!

    I have progressED to an electric kettle many years ago..so ENJOY!

  6. Mr. Mel Itta has been in our employ here for ten years and has been pushed to the boiling point many times without complaining. We have since employed his twin brother to serve in another department as well.

    Perhaps Mrs. Tea could enjoy a second career in your garden as a fountain or ornament of sorts.
    Everyone likes to reinvent themselves. She looks rather young to retire.

    Angela, I hope you and Mr. Kettle have a wonderful partnership.

    Just loved your retirement story!!!

  7. I have been on the lookout for an electric kettle, and Mr Kettle looks like he would be perfect. (Happy retirement to Mrs Tea.)

  8. Enjoy your new electric kettle. Let us know how you like it. There are so many brands and price ranges out there, it's hard to know which are good and which are not.

  9. Too funny, Angela! I love your post today, it really made me laugh. Will be interested in hearing how the new kettle works. Thanks for the write up, Joanie

  10. Sorry to hear Mrs. Tea will be leaving you. Mr. Kettle I'm sure will be a fine replacement.
    My Ms. Glass Whistling Kettle is still serving me well. Maybe one day I'll have to retire her, But until then, I still just love to hear her whistle.

  11. Can you set different temperatures with Mr. Kettle? Just wondering. I will need a new kettle someday and starting to just pay attention to the ones out there.

  12. What a delightful career ahead for Mr. E.W. Kettle! Wishing Mrs. Tea a quiet and happy retirement! By the way, Mr. E.W. is kinda hot.... just sayin'.

  13. Hmmm, I've been using Mrs. Tea's bosom friend, Mr. Coffee, to make tea for awhile now, but he breaks down every 6 months and I have to replace him. I was hoping to find a more durable tea maker.

    Mr. Coffee has been a great solution for our family of 5 dedicated tea drinkers--and since my husband and I both have home offices, we have the coffee/tea maker working pretty much all day. But he just gets too tired too quickly.

  14. Mrs Tea is still residing in my office and gets used daily. She does have some bladder control issues and leaks periodically, but I'll put up with it. I keep looking for a replacement, but am not interested in anything other than a Mrs Tea. I've been looking on eBay, but know they all have to be about 16 years old. *sighs* why can't Mrs Tea go on FOREVER!!!


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