Friday, December 10, 2010

Tea and Friendship 2011 Calendar

Each year I need two wall calendars, one for the office and one for home. My office calendar is usually The Collectible Teapot & Tea Calendar, and the one for home varies according to whatever I find that is pretty. Happily, I learned that Sandy Lynam Clough has a new "Tea and Friendship" calendar out, so that's the one I will be using at home next year.

I found mine on Amazon, and the back of the calendar envelope shows the images inside. Some are ones I've seen before, some are new, all are lovely.

I absolutely adore this February design with all the silhouettes — and would sure love to come across some stationery and other products to match!


  1. I remember the first time I saw some of Sandy's note cards and wondered if we were related.
    Lovely calendar.

  2. Lovely calendar, Angela. I will try to get one of these. Thanks for the heads up.
    Have a great day, Joanie

  3. This is a very pretty calendar. I enjoy Sandy Lynam Clough's tea-themed artwork.


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