Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A trifle that's tasty and easy

Do you like raspberries? I love raspberries, but they're so pricey I usually don't splurge on them except at Christmas. It occurred to me this is the second year in a row I made a dessert for the office Christmas luncheon which featured raspberries and cream cheese.

This dish is called Red Velvet Trifle, and it was so easy I felt like I was "assembling" more than baking. Basically, you make a Red Velvet Cake out of a box (purists may feel free to take the harder road), slice it up, then layer it with a concoction of cream cheese, lemon zest, low-fat vanilla yogurt and powdered sugar, then top with the berries. I had several requests for the recipe, and since it was such a hit I thought I would share it with you. Yummy and easy, feeds a crowd, looks pretty ... this meets all my requirements for a holiday dessert!

I found the recipe in the Southern Living Christmas at Home magazine, but it's also available right here.


  1. I really like raspberries too and your trifle looks delicious. I'm making a tiramisu trifle for Christmas dinner. All the pretty layers in these elegant desserts make them perfect for the holidays.

  2. It looks delicious, Angela!

  3. Oh yummmmm! I always make Red Velvet from a cake mix. Is there any other way. Just smiling! That looks so good and love raspberries too. I probably have some in the freezer.

  4. This looks so delicious, Angela!
    Thanks for the recipe, Joanie

  5. I love raspberries, but I generally think of them as a summer food. My yard here in Delaware is surrounded by black raspberry and Japanese wineberry plants, which dovetail nicely: the wineberries come ripe as the black raspberries are finishing up.

    They are very expensive, especially the black ones, even when in season, which is why I grow my own. It seems a bit silly how expensive they are, because they grow completely on their own, in relatively exposed areas, and grow well in small edge areas, up against the edge of buildings, where few other plants grow.


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