Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Santa Mug Christmas Tree

Finally! For several years now I've wanted to try decorating my Christmas tree entirely with Santa mugs from my collection, and this year it came to pass!

I'd tried it before using a real tree (the mugs slipped right off the branches) and an aluminum one (no way was that going to work), but this year my mom had found me a 7-foot artificial tree at a yard sale (price: $3), and that seemed to do the trick. I even used a Santa mug on top! So yes, you can drink tea as well as cocoa from a Santa mug, but they also make pretty nifty tree ornaments!

Really, all you have to do is slip the handle through one to three branches, depending on the weight of the particular mug, give the branch a twist upward, and there you go. I am going to *love* not picking up wire ornament hangers this year!

It's always so fun opening that big plastic crate of Santa mugs because I've usually forgotten what all the different ones look like.

This is one of the "newer" of the vintage mugs, and I thought he looked a bit startled when I unpacked him. But I guess if I'd been locked up in the garage for a year and was just seeing the light of day, perhaps I'd look startled too!


  1. Your Santa mug tree looks terrific. What a great way to display and enjoy your collection.

  2. How cute and clever too! I love the ideas some of you bloggers come up with!

    Christmas blessings,

  3. This is TOO cute. You have some great collections!!

  4. I love your Santa Tree - what a nifty idea! You never cease to amaze me, Angela, with your creativity and your great ideas.
    Cheers of the Season to you & yours, Joanie

  5. I LOVE your tree! What a great idea.

  6. How fun is a Santa mug tree. It makes me smile for sure.

  7. That is the BEST idea! You are soooo clever Angela! I absolutely lurve it and you. You are a well of talent we have barely tapped into!


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