Thursday, December 30, 2010

Tea treats from Avon

When I was ordering some Christmas gifts from Avon before the holidays, I also found a few goodies for myself, including this "Calm Yourself" facial mask from Mark, Avon's younger, hipper line of products. "This soothing gel-based mask adds moisture where you need it. Blended with calming green tea and aloe, moisturizing sea moss, plus, lemon and orange for radiance and clarity. A super hydrating complex keeps skin happy and healthy looking so you can remain calm." My skin needs a little moisture boost in winter, and I loved the way this mask made my face feel!

A clearance item I found was this Green Tea & Mint Exfoliating Scrub for feet. It had a pleasant smell and worked beautifully for getting rid of dry, flaky skin.

And these fruity tea infusers were also on clearance. I got them for the "cuteness" factor, but they also worked surprisingly well. Now I look forward to seeing what new tea goodies my Avon lady may have in store next year!


  1. VERY cute tea infusers. Love the new heading too.

  2. I just noticed your new header. It's beautiful, very classy. I haven't seen an Avon catalog in years, looks like they have some neat things

  3. Hey, I like the new header, too!

  4. I haven't seen an Avon catalog for a while. Looks like you found a nice selection of products.

    I like your new header - it's very elegant.


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