Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas stitchery

In my experience, the best person to give a handmade item to is someone who enjoys making handmade items herself (or himself, I should quickly add!). These are the folks who know how much work goes into something and can really appreciate it. While I've certainly enjoyed giving handmade gifts, I've been *overjoyed* to receive a few handmade gifts through this years, including this year's Christmas card from my friend ParTea Lady, which was cross-stitched by her husband Don. Isn't his work wonderful!

ParTea Lady (a/k/a Maureen) and I met face-to-face for the first time last year, so I was really blown away when I, a new friend, got one of the cards last year. I will treasure both of these forever!

And just for fun, I also thought I'd show you some more tea-themed Christmas stitchery I received several years ago from a reader here in town. Betty was a super-skilled seamstress who read my columns, knew I enjoyed tea, and came by the office one day with a beautifully stitched tea kettle potholder and ...

... a teacup coaster. I love the whimsical styling on these and, as with my cross-stitched cards, they are handmade gifts I thoroughly treasure!


  1. What Fabuous gifts! Each is wonderful and unique.

  2. Thanks, Angela. I'll pass along your kind words to Don - I want to encourage him to keep stitching cards for me. ;-)

    Betty's tea themed applique pieces are lovely.

  3. Oh what lovely gifts!!! Merry Christmas Angela!

  4. What wonderful Christmas treasures! Those cards are just as beautiful as can be.

    Merry Christmas Angela!

  5. What wonderful gifts - and so festive! Merry Christmas, Angela!
    I've so enjoyed your posts this year, Joanie

  6. I absolutely lurve handmade / homemade gifts too! I got some fudge today and I am swooning with every creamy bite! ha ha


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