Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 - A Top 10 List!

This time of year I always love the "year in review" features you see in the newspaper and on TV. I always think "Wow, did all that happen this year?" and am amazed at how much life can be packed into 12 months. So I thought for today, I'd give you my Top 10 of personal favorites from Tea With Friends from the past year. Here we go!

1. In February, my husband continued a tradition of taking me to tea in honor of Valentine's Day, and this year we went to Rose Cottage in Pine Mountain.

2. Tea lovers (including me) rejoiced at the release of the new "Alice in Wonderland" movie, which I was able to enjoy along with my nieces Madison and Cari in March.

3. My friends Beth, Sandra and a camera-shy Liz joined me for a "Celebrate Spring!" tea in April. We always have the best times together!

4. I had the pleasure of meeting "Frivolitea," a/k/a Lynn, in Atlanta in June. Meeting a new friend is absolutely tops on my list of fun things to do!

5. Getting to "meet" a new tea room is fun too. In July, Alex and I were visiting family in Wisconsin and got to enjoy tea at the terrific Atrium Tea Room in Sheboygan Falls.

6. Missourians Diane Graham, standing at right, and Julie Norris, seated, were passing through my neck of the woods in September and I had the great pleasure of meeting them for lunch at the Jasmine Tea Room. They are authors of the wonderful tea-themed devotional book "Woman of God - Moments of Grace," which my tea friend Phyllis in Michigan had thoughtfully introduced me to earlier in the year.

7. My friend Elizabeth's Bridal Tea was held at my home in early October, and it was so fun to be able to celebrate with her in this way.

8. The first Teacup Exchange was held at Holly Cottage in October, and I attended along with tea friends and fellow bloggers Teresa, Maureen and Deberah.

9. Belinda from South Carolina (and Belinda's delightful friends!) made a trip to Newnan in November and I got to join them for tea at Holly Cottage Tearoom here in Newnan. It was a tremendously fun and memorable day!

10. And finally, I have to say the "Tea for Toys" fundraiser at Holly Cottage on Dec. 2 was a highlight of my "year in tea." Here you see my friends Maureen and Sandra again. (I also had a great time enjoying tea along with Maureen at Jade's Tea in McDonough back in May, but I am trying to keep this list to 10!)

This year, more than ever before, my life was made richer not just because of tea but because of my tea *friends*. When I looked back over posts from the past year, I would occasionally recall a favorite teacup or book I'd enjoyed, but I have to say the times with tea friends are what I remember most. Which just goes to prove, once more, that the greatest things in life aren't "things." And so I wish a Happy New Year and a joyous 2011 to all my Tea With Friends friends -- truly, my cup runneth over!


  1. Oh Angela, I am thrilled that I made your top 10 list. It was fabulous to meet you as well. Friends truly are nourishing to the soul!

  2. Thanks for the vote! The Greenville Gals had a wonderful day with you and in your town !

  3. Great post on your Top 10 from Tea With Friends. It was such fun to be a part of a couple of those events.

    Wishing you a peaceful and Happy New Year.

  4. Happy New Year Angela! Ah the memories of 2010 ~ how quickly they pass, especially this year it seems. Have a wonderful day and get some rest this weekend!

  5. What a very fun year of tea parties.


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