Monday, December 13, 2010

Vintage Christmas teawares

Until last year, I hadn't realized how relatively scarce vintage Christmas teawares are. After concluding I simply don't love a lot of the popular Christmas china patterns, I purposed to begin collecting a hodgepodge of vintage ones. I found just two vintage Christmas teacups last year and one this year -- and that latest one from eBay since the antique malls have turned up nothing. My most recently added vintage cup and saucer in a Christmas design is this set made by Royal Tuscan, part of the Wedgwood group.

The pattern is called "Noel," so I like that it even has a Christmas sounding name.

One of the two sets I found last year was this Duchess pattern teacup and saucer. Its color palette isn't as bright as some, so perhaps that's why this design is simply called ...


I like the pinecones, holly leaves and berries on Winter's saucer.

And the other set from last year, which is shown in my banner up top, is this unnamed pattern of cup and saucer. The scalloped shape of the cup reminds me of Shelley cups, but this one is by ...

Crown Staffordshire. Recently I was delighted to get to see vintage Christmas teawares owned by tea blogger friends Marilyn and Linda. I think these pieces are so beautiful!

Whatever you're sipping your tea from this Christmas season, if you'd like a suggestion for a new flavor to try let me recommend Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride from Celestial Seasonings. This was a gift from tea friend Mary Jane, and my goodness, is it ever good! It really does capture the spirit of a sugar cookie in a teacup, and I have been sipping it like crazy for the past week or so, especially after I discovered I can get multiple steepings from a single teabag. It's a lovely way to, as the old song says, "Have a cup of cheer!"


  1. My mother loves Christmas and she began collecting Christmas dishes many years ago. Rather than collect the same pattern, she gathered her pieces one place setting at a time. It is a delight to go to her house this time of year and choose from one of her 40+ different place settings. Even pb and j with a cup of milk becomes a special treat!

  2. I love your vintage Christmas teacups and saucers. They are so festive!

  3. Love your vintage cups. Now I will be watching for them. Another Celestial Season tea that is really good is Candy Cane Lane, a decaf green tea. One of the few decaf flavored teas I like.

  4. These winter teacups are really beautiful! I love that one called winter.

  5. Love those vintage cups, Angela! I am going to try Sugar Cookie Sleighride, sounds delicious.
    Have a great day, Joanie

  6. I really like the Noel cup and saucer. For some reason I usually skip over Celestial Seasonings in the grocery store. I'll have to look for the Sugar Cookie tea.

  7. The Dutchess cup has stolen my heart! It's simply beautiful. Great find. I would love to take time to find vintage Christmas china. I agree with you on the newer stuff. It just doesn't seem to have the same elegance and traditional feel.

  8. Your vintage Christmas teacups are beautiful. I especially like the Royal Tuscan cup.

    All the Celestial Seasonings holiday teas are good, but my favorite this year is Harney & Sons Hot Cinnamon Spice - the Celestial Seasonings Sugar Plum Spice is similar.

  9. I agree about the scarcity of Christmas teaware. VERY hard to find! That Celestial Season's Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride is my favorite of this year's seasonal crop of teas as well. Eggnogg'n was reccomended by a friend in California but I haven't found any yet!
    BBTW, that Noel pattern was made by several of the potteries, so you can find matching sets...hopefully!

  10. Your vintage Christmas teacups are beautiful @


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