Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Finding the perfect teacup

My mom and I can have so much fun when we're out antiquing together. At one Marietta antique mall this weekend, she found a great pink lady's head vase for her collection and asked me to look it over for any defects, which we like to do for each other. It looked great to me, and I told her so, adding, "I'd say at auction, it would definitely be worth at least two in the bush!" She cracked up (I hope you're familiar with the Geico commercial I referenced), and we got tickled when the ladies around us started laughing too. "I LOVE that commercial!" one of them said. Me too! My husband and I love to imitate that fun woman in the commercial saying "Reeeeeeally?" But that vase was my mother's fun find of the day. Mine was this teacup, which for my tastes is absolutely perfect!

Why? I tried to explain it to the DH, who genuinely likes to know my preferences in such things but, like most men, requires tutoring. It's obviously quite old as it's unmarked, made of some sort of earthenware and not bone china. The saucer and cup both are trimmed in this absolutely yummy grayish teal color.

And it has ribbons and gold garlands on both the cup and saucer.

I LOVE ribbons! I LOVE garlands!

It's also sort of Shabby Chic in that it's missing a little color and it's got some gentle crazing. I LOVE crazing!

Like everything in that seller's booth it was also 20 percent off (I LOVE getting 20 percent off!), and — get this — my purchase entitled me to choose a free cookbook. I LOVE free cookbooks, and I am enjoying reading "Savannah Seasons" by Elizabeth Terry. I try not to buy myself anything right before Christmas, but when you come across the perfect teacup, and a gift-with-purchase too, well, you have to bend the rules sometimes!


  1. Sounds like you had a delightful outing with your Mom. Beautiful teacup! I get a kick out of that commercial too.

  2. It's wonderful that you and your Mom enjoy each others company so much. I'd love to see her collection of lady head vases.

    Your teacup find is beautiful - such soft pretty colors and design. The free cookbook looks interesting, like a little culinary visit to Savannah.

  3. Of course you have got to bend the rules, especially when you find the perfect teacup with free cookbook too. Wow! What a treasure.

  4. What a pretty tea cup. Enjoy the cookbook.

  5. Love that teacup and the cookbook - great finds! I have that cookbook, it's a keeper.
    Take care, Joanie


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