Tuesday, April 12, 2016

A tale of two teacups

Last summer, I bought one of my favorite teacups of recent years at my local T.J. Maxx. It had roses on the teacup, handwriting and swirly graphics on the pretty blue saucer, and it was my gift to myself when I got hired to write a monthly tea column for The Coweta Shopper. Handwriting … teacup … it was the perfect treat to celebrate, right?

Then a few weeks ago, in a feat I probably couldn't duplicate if you paid me, I was getting up from my spot on the sofa one day when I jostled the table lamp next to it. The finial fell off and plopped right on the back edge of the teacup sitting there, chipping it, and I was heartbroken. I realize I could still have used the teacup, but there's no sense drinking out of something chipped when I have, oh, one or two other teacups around here I could choose from.

To my delight, I was at the HomeGoods store in Marietta on Saturday when I found the same cup and saucer in pink, and when I got home with it, I realized the cup is exactly the same as the one with the blue set, so now I have a favorite teacup and saucer back! Have you ever broken a teacup in a strange way like that, such as knocking a finial off a lamp? I'd love to think I wasn't alone in the klutz department!


  1. The tea spirits were smiling on you!

  2. I'm so glad you could find another teacup and saucer. I saw something yesterday about using chipped china decoratively in planters and pots, burying the chipped part - maybe you can reuse the chipped cup that way. (If I can find where I saw it - pinterest maybe? - I will send it to you.)

  3. I have been a klutz in my own way for sure. I do love these cups and how wonderful to find another one.

  4. Chipped china is great for doing mosaics and there are so many great ideas on Pinterest. Search teacup mosaics and you will get lots of ideas. Will make you want to chip a few more. ;)

  5. My very first teacup gift ever was one my (at the time) very young daughter saved and saved for - yes, it had shamrocks on it - and my freak accident was I was enjoying my cuppa outdoors when the early summer isn't too hot or full of bugs.

    I got up to use the restroom, got a phone call, got some ADHD-ish and did this and that - TOTALLY FORGETTING my precious teacup outdoors. And a freak flash quick storm blew in, and blew that lovely precious antique teacup and saucer off the little table I had left it on.....smashing it into pieces not fit for even using in a mosaic.

    I was beside myself in tears, I like to USE my teacups, but holy moly that just broke my heart.

    A week later I got a package in the mail - my loving wonderful spouse found a set on that replacement online (read: $$$) place and got me another. I ended up finding out he spent over $100 on that teacup.

    NOW I don't use the ones outside I am emotionally attached to, or just too precious - and I never have yet left one outside, not even for a second - so yes, it does happen. I am SO GLAD yours was fixed inexpensively.

    Sorry it broke though - I don't keep (or use) chipped ones too often either.

  6. Maybe you can use the chipped cup in a crafty project.

  7. Sorry your teacup got chipped but I'm happy you were able to find another, it's a beautiful cup! Joanie


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