Friday, April 15, 2016

A cup of tea & reflections on the Titanic

Every April 15, the news seems to mention the anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic, and this year I've been thinking about it even more. When a friend was sorting out her late mother's belongings recently, one of the items she passed along to me was this lovely old worn but still readable book, "Sinking of the Titanic," which I was surprised to see was actually published the same year as the tragedy, 1912.

So I sipped some tea and perused the pages of this melodramatic book that was "compiled from soul stirring stories told by eye witnesses of this terrible horror of the briny deep." Like many of you, I imagine, I've read books and seen movies about Titanic, including the 1997 one with Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet that had all those great tea scenes. And with each passing year we hear new stories of mementos found, of more memories shared. If you're a Titanic buff as well, I thought you might enjoy some of the photos from this book.


  1. What an interesting book! Even if one is not a Titanic buff, this sounds like a fascinating glimpse of history.

  2. The book is an historical treasure....

  3. What an amazing book. I love seeing the pictures.

  4. Intriguing photos, Angela - thank you for posting them. I also love that teacup in the first picture - do you know if it has any connection to The Titanic (maybe similar to the china used on it?)

    1. Hi, Dianne! No, no connection that I know if, but I did think it looked "period appropriate." I know there are reproductions out there of china that actually was used on the ship, but I've never owned one. (Yet!)

  5. What an interesting book. Thanks for sharing

  6. Harney & Sons has a Titanic tea,in a very pretty tin. Love your blog!
    Dawn in TX

  7. Love these photos and how neat this book is, especially since it was passed down from the mother of a good friend: it makes the book all the more special, very sweet. Thank you for sharing, Angela. Joanie


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