Saturday, August 20, 2011

Tea Sandwich Saturday #34 - Turkey & Raspberry Mustard

Let's talk turkey! This week I was in a meat-eating mood. I found some thin-sliced whole wheat bread from Pepperidge Farm that looked interesting (and indeed I liked the taste), and to this bread I simply added sliced turkey and lettuce.

The magic ingredient of this sandwich is the raspberry and mustard blend that you spread on each slice of the bread. I used 2 parts honey mustard to 1 part seedless raspberry jam, which for these three tea-sized sandwiches meant two teaspoons of honey mustard and 1 teaspoon of the jam. When blended, you can still see bits of raspberry.

It gives the sandwich a different flavor than plain old mayonnaise, yet it's light enough to go well with teatime. I also like the fact this blend could be made ahead of time and used to assemble sandwiches at the last minute.

I've also, this week, been pondering "categories" of tea sandwiches. I say there are basically three: (1) Mostly meaty (anything with sliced meats) (2) Mostly creamy (cucumber with cream cheese, egg salad, pimiento cheese) and (3) A combination of meaty-creamy (chicken salad, shrimp salad, salmon and cream cheese pinwheels, etc.). So what do you think? Do you categorize your tea sandwiches? If so, what's a good formula for a teatime variety? I propose 1 meaty, 1 combo and 2 creamy. But then I like the creamy ones best -- except for weeks I'm craving meat!


  1. That turkey on wheat looks delicious. I'll have to try raspberry mustard. I bet it would be good as a dipping sauce for chicken nuggets too.

  2. I have never thought to mix raspberry jam and mustard, what a fun combination. Now that has me thinking for sure. A friend uses violet mustard on one of her sandwiches and I haven't been able to find it at the store. Maybe I just try to figure out how to flavor some mustard with violets. I usually like one meat sandwich and for sure a creamy one, then maybe something without bread like a tart or on a lettuce leaf.

  3. I very much like your idea of combining honey mustard with a fruit preserve or jam. I think it would work equally well with blueberry or apricot jams which would also pair nicely with poultry or even thinly sliced roast pork.

    I tend to categorize my tea sandwiches as either sweet or savory. The sweet being made with fruit or nut breads and spread with cream cheese & preserves or a filling made from some other soft cheese [like marscapone]. The savory being made with with white, whole wheat, rye, sourdough or pumpernickel breads, rolls or crackers and filled/topped with a variety of meat or vegetable fillings. A current favorite of mine is to place mashed avocado on a round of whole wheat bread and top with a teaspoon of peach/mango salsa. Another recent favorite is mini-croissants filled with Apricot Glazed Chicken Salad. The recipe can be found on my blog,

  4. In a word, Delicious, Angela!
    Love your choices and your creativity - this is a recipe to try. I'd like to suggest a dressing I've found (it's a little bit on the strong side), Kraft's dressing made with Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Rasberry Vinaigrette. I really like it, so does my son Nick but my husband doesn't like it at all. Just a cautionary tale, but you might like it.
    Thanks for the recipe and I hope you have a great weekend, Joanie

  5. Mmmm, the mustard sounds great.

  6. Yum. I've never thought to mix mustard and jam, but it sounds great. I'll have to try it.


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