Friday, August 5, 2011

Teatime Blues

After weeks of virtually no rain, it was so lovely to wake up here in Georgia and see gray skies and a saturated ground and hear the almost forgotten sound of rain. It felt like a "blue" sort of morning, yet it made me so happy! And when I looked in my tea cabinet, I noticed for the first time that a few of my blue teacups and saucers had ended up in a stack together. Perfect!

Blue teawares seemed just the thing for trying some new oolong tea that was a gift from a thoughtful tea friend. Oolong tea is sometimes referred to as "blue tea," not because of the color of the tea but because it is somewhere between green and black in terms of its production method and taste.

When I prepared my tea, which was rich and delicious with just a hint of a floral taste, I used one of my favorite cup and saucer sets. I think I've mentioned this Swinnertons Silverdale set before because it is so special to me. This was part of a set that belonged to my friend Liz's country grandmother. Years ago, she set aside her "egg money" to buy herself a pretty set of dishes. Can't you just picture this grandmother admiring this lovely blue design and imagining it in her kitchen? And to think, one of the teacups is now in mine!

I also never tire of seeing this backstamp with the tea kettle on it. It sure helped me enjoy singing the blues!


  1. Loved the blue cups! Every now and then I set a blue table, it's a different look and feel than the pinks that's for sure! Also, didn't know about the name 'blue tea' ~ that's new to me. Thanks!

  2. this story just touched me for some reason...setting aside "Egg money" to get these pretty plates reminds me of my Nana Marcy and her "sock money" where she would save money she made as a checker at the local supermarket and put it in a sock in her undies drawer for special things :) Your blue teacup stack is so fun, made me smile ear to ear!

  3. The stack of blue cups and saucers is lovely to look at. I've never seen that pretty Silverdale set before. I also didn't know that oolong was sometimes referred to as blue tea. Thanks for singing the blues today.

  4. That's very nice lighting on the top photo!

  5. Hello Angela, what a great photo of the blue teacups! And what a cute story, setting aside 'Egg money' for treasures. I'm glad you now have the teacup and thank you for sharing the story, Joanie

  6. We got rain today too. It was such a welcome sight.

  7. Hi Angela,

    I love your stack of blue cups! Your photo would make a wonderful card front!

    Have a great weekend,


  8. Blue teacups would definitely go well with oolong tea. Just perfect!


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