Wednesday, August 17, 2011

"Children's Tea & Etiquette"

Recently I came across an inexpensive copy of a tea book that's been on my wish list for a while now, "Children's Tea & Etiquette - Brewing Good Manners in Young Minds." The book is a collaborative effort of a number of names well-known in teadom. The authors include Dorothea Johnson (founder of the Protocol School of Washington) and John Harney (of Harney and Sons tea purveyors) along with Ann Noyes. Illustrations are by Dawn Peterson, and recipes are by Bruce Richardson, known for his tea writings informed by his years operating the Elmwood Inn in Kentucky.

With that stellar lineup behind it, I knew the book would be a good one, and it is. The tale is a simple one. Young siblings Harry and Kate are invited by their grandparents to attend an "Intergenerational Tea" where John Harney is speaking on the history of tea. To prepare the children for the event, the grandparents take them to an etiquette lesson with Ms. Johnson.

The story is depicted with lovely illustrations, and each two-page spread in the book has a charming border of teacups. The recipes include such teatime staples as Cucumber Sandwiches, Scones and Lemon Bars, along with other recipes I haven't seen before, such as Fruited Oatmeal Tea Cakes and Orange Coconut Sorbet. The book also includes information for grown-ups on how to prepare a proper pot of tea, making this book a good choice for young tea drinkers as well as any newcomers to tea who might be looking for a little guidance.


  1. What a lovely collaboration of tea people. A wonderful message and recipes too. Just another example of tea lovers sharing their experience and knowledge with others. Thanks for sharing with us, Angela.

    Mary Jane

  2. I love this little book. It was one I received from Bruce Richardson when I participated in one of his tea education seminars.

  3. I have this book and have not had the time to crack it...I want to read it and host a "Manners Matters" Tea for some girls in my daughters upcoming 2nd grade class but I wonder if it would be a hit or a miss....

  4. I think I must get this, too! (Did you know I completed the Protocol School program...back when Dorothea was still leading it.)

  5. That is a well respected book for tea and etiquette.


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