Monday, August 22, 2011

Earl Grey Tea Madeleines

A few months ago I saw a new recipe for madeleines that I wanted to try one day. Over the weekend I wanted something sweet for a snack, and these Earl Grey Tea Madeleines were the perfect choice!

Back in April, I got an iPad to serve as my new home computer. One of the first apps I downloaded was from Epicurious, and I was of course delighted to find a number of "tea" recipes there. I've also marked the Scallop Tea Rice and a Green Tea Cheesecake.

But the madeleines made with Earl Grey infused butter and honey were tops on my list to try. I questioned the call for 2 full tablespoons of tea, but it imparted a sophisticated and subtle taste to the madeleines. The recipe got mixed reviews on Epicurious, with some of the bakers saying they couldn't taste the tea. I did, but my husband said he didn't, although he still thought the madeleines were delicious. And if you'd like to decide for yourself, well, you don't need to have an iPad. Just go here for the recipe!


  1. love madeleines! yours look great!

  2. Mmm, those look lovely! I still haven't tried making madeleines yet. I should try it this autumn when baking is a wonderful way to warm and scent the house.

  3. Thanks for the recipe and the app recommendation. I'm downloading it now for my iphone. If you don't have the Cooks Illustrated app, it's good and it's free (though you can pay and get more).

  4. They do look good and I have thought of trying them too. Funny, but I have gotten the same comment on my jam too. Then when I have added more tea flavor, they didn't sell as well. So you just can't please everyone.

  5. I need to dig out my Madeleine pan !
    yummy !


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