Friday, August 12, 2011

The "Tea Junk" Drawer

Do you have a "junk drawer" at your house? The tea cabinet in my kitchen has a "tea junk drawer," and it was time to clean it out the other day because it contained way too many things I haven't actually used in years.

Chief among them: these metal infusers-on-a-chain. I'll bet most of you have some of these too, don't you? I started collecting them when I first got interested in teatime. In later years, though, I found myself using disposable paper teabags or filtering teapots to make loose leaf tea, so I no longer need to use these types of infusers.

I don't necessarily want to get rid of them, though, because I might change my mind about using them one day. Also, I've seen old infusers used as Christmas tree ornaments! Not sure what I can do with old tea strainers I don't use any more, but I'll hang on to them just in case.

I had an empty hat box in my craft room upstairs, so for now these old tea things have a home there instead of cluttering up my tea junk drawer!


  1. I am sure they will like their new home in that lovely hat box.

  2. Junk drawer in my house? Yes, I have three! What a good idea to put your tea "junk" you don't use, but won't throw away in one location!

  3. They would make a lovely shadow box arrangement.

  4. Hi Angela,

    I also have a few drawers with all types of tea gagdets. To be honest, I don't even remember what's in my drawers, so I probably need to do some rearranging myself! LOL!

    The metal infusers are great accessories to attach to ribbon napkin ring holders or to hang on a nice potted myrtle topiary (you can attach them with floral wire). I have also seen several amazing chandeliers with hanging tea accessories (cups, spoons, etc.).

    Let's start a craft segment called Tea Crafts 101! LOL!

    Thanks for sharing,


  5. Love love love your junk drawer! Many of the same things are in my junk drawer too! Of course.

  6. Those little tea infusers would make wonderful Christmas tree ornaments. I think the hat box is a great place for them in the meantime! :-)

  7. There's lots of kitchen junk drawers at my house. I'll have to dig out those little infusers on a chain and hang them on my "tea tree" this year.

  8. I have a tea junk drawer too. One of my friends collects those tea filters on the chain and hangs them in his window for Christmas decorations. Maybe I should give him mine.

  9. Yes, I have a drawer with tea "junk" that I do not use. I should clean mine out and find something else to do with them.

  10. Those little metal tea infusers make cute Christmas ornaments. I saw that at one of our favorite tea importers' shop.

  11. Love that hat box, Angela - what a neat idea! Those tea infusers would make great ornaments.
    Hope you have a nice weekend,


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