Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Bodum Biasca Ice Tea Jug

Some girlfriends and I were shopping at the Marshalls store near Perimeter Mall in Atlanta last week when I spotted this 40-ounce Bodum Biasca Ice Tea Jug. I've been straining loose tea out of tea pitchers all summer long, so this was a must-buy item. I couldn't decide whether to get the one with the yellow lid or the one with the green lid, but then I noticed the green-lidded version was $19.99 while the yellow-lidded version was $16.99. I think $16.99 is a prettier color, don't you? I was feeling a wee bit guilty about buying another tea product except a) this will make my life easier by saving me time and b) I saw it sells for $32.29 on Amazon, list price $53.50. Score!

Love it! Not a speck of tea leaf comes out of the pitcher thanks to this fine-mesh strainer and rubber seal.

This tea pitcher is in fact made for cold-brewing tea in the refrigerator, just as I like to make it. If you do too, you may want to check out your local Marshalls!


  1. Love, LOVE Marshall's! Yellow is puurfect...

  2. Hi Angela,

    You definitely found a deal! I have seen several versions of this cold/hot steep ice tea pitchers, but haven't broke down and purchased one yet.

    How long do you cold steep teas? Do you experience any bitterness from leaving the tea leaves in the pitcher after they have steep? I usually use my ice tea maker to make ice tea, but recently I experimented with cold steeping tisanes. Since tisanes are caffine free, I never experience any bitterness. I love the cold steeping concept and need to do it more often. Especially since I drink ice tea all year long.

    Thanks for sharing! I will check my local Marshalls.

    Blessings, Darlene

  3. The yellow price was perfect. I have a couple of different versions of the same set-up. Do you leave the tea leaves in the pitcher after it has brewed?

  4. @Darlene -- It says to steep for 5 or 6 hours, but I thought my oolong was good after just a few hours. And there was no bitterness, which is what I just love about cold-brewing.

    @Linda -- Yes, you leave the tea leaves in. This is great for the lazy tea drinker, like me!

  5. This would tempt me to buy too. I usually use Tsacs in my cold brew 1/2 gallon jar. Yellow being my favorite color would be another temptation. I love your picture with the tea floating around in the Ice Tea Jug.

    BTW: I watched about half of the video yesterday and thoroughly enjoyed it. It did bring back memories of the old department stores.

  6. Love your savvy purchasing techniques... and enjoyed a chuckle from today's post! I concur ~ $16.99 is a prettier color! Thanks!

  7. That does look like a handy iced tea jug. Yellow is such a cheerful color and being a bargain doesn't hurt either. :-)

  8. Bodum has such neat tea pots and jugs. Enjoy your good deal.

  9. Hi Angela,

    YEPEE! I stopped by Marshall's today and I found the Bodum Biasca Ice Tea Jug with the yellow cap for $15.00.

    Thanks so much for the Marshall's alert and the tips on cold steeping! It's now time for me to cold steep some plum oolong!



  10. Go, Darlene! Hope you enjoy yours as much as I do mine!

  11. Stopped by my favorite Marshall's in San Antonio and now they have them marked down to $7.00 in both green and yellow. I bought the green!


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