Wednesday, July 5, 2023

Some new Bucket List teacups

While I didn't do much shopping over the long holiday weekend, I did have some successful shopping on eBay last week with two longed-for teacups that were both spotted, ordered, and received by July 4, and I was happy to check these off my teacup Bucket List!

I've been searching for a patriotic teacup for years, and this Princess Anne bone china teacup from England (ironically!) was just what I'd been looking for! It arrived just two days after I purchased it, so I've had plenty of time to sip from it this week.

I love the symbolism on both the cup and saucer, including the shield the eagle rests on, the cloud with thirteen stars, the olive branches, and the "assaulting forward" (or backward-looking) flag.

Fast-forward a few months, and you'll probably see another teacup that's long been on my wish list, this Queen Anne "My Valentine" teacup. I actually found this from an eBay seller in Canada who ships out of New York, and I bought it last Wednesday and had it on Monday!

I thought this teacup would be perfect for when I get around to finishing the valentine book I'm working on, and I finally found it at a price I was willing to pay. So two fun teacup finds were part of my July 4 celebration this year. I hope yours was enjoyable too!


  1. Love both teacups. I'm glad you were able to check them off your list.

  2. Those are such nice teacups! I'm glad you are so happy with them. I especially like the little swallows flying around on the Valentine saucer.


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