Friday, April 14, 2023

For the love of roses (and tea)

I was reading a magazine article this week that claimed that growing roses is "trendy" again. Really? I guess I wasn't aware that roses weren't always trending. All I know is that I have adored roses from the moment I knew what they were, and I always will. And I make no apologies for succumbing to the lure of that well-targeted Facebook ad I saw last week for this new tea steeper cup from Tea Forté. (But I bought mine on Amazon because it was cheaper. I guess you can say I like a cheaper steeper.)

I've had some of these steeper cups before and enjoyed using them.

But c'mon, isn't this design absolutely gorgeous? I saw on the package that it was "curated with the New York Botanical Garden." Well-done, folks!

And when you're finished steeping your tea, the stainless steel basket can rest on that pretty pink lid. It was just the splurge to celebrate springtime… and those "trendy" roses!


  1. That's a beautiful steeper cup! I'm glad you're so pleased with it. I like roses, too, but I think I like their buds and hips even more than the actual flowers. I was happy to see a profusion of tiny yellow "Lady Banks" roses blooming on a fence this morning at Tudor Place, a historic home and garden where I volunteer.

  2. That's lovely! I have a Cherry Blossom cup like that that I enjoy.

  3. Love this cup and steeping basket. Very nice!


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