Friday, August 5, 2022

Kitchens and tea storage

I'm starting to get serious about remodeling the kitchen, so I've been adding to my Pinterest board and collecting magazines about kitchen re-dos. Our kitchen was built in the nineties and looks like it. The cabinets need fresh paint and new hardware (at minimum), the appliances need upgrading, and that strawberry-and-grape wallpaper needs to retire. Though I've long dreamed of a pale-aqua kitchen, I'm currently lusting over a particular design featuring a lavender-and-navy-blue color palette, of all things. (See it here.) So naturally, I'm drawn to new magazine issues that deal with kitchen projects, like this one, Beautiful Kitchens & Baths from Traditional Home magazine.

And I promise you that I was not looking for tea articles when I turned a page and read this: "As an avid tea drinker, Sarah Robertson hated having a cabinet full of partially empty tea boxes. 'They were taking up a ton of space,' she says. Her solution was to design a tea drawer with dividers fit to each bag's dimensions." Isn't that a great idea? I wish the article had included a photo of the tea drawer once it's closed and in place, but still, the idea is just smashing. My tea drawer would need to be deeper and have room for tea tins as well as tea bags, but if you're designing a custom piece anyway, I don't see why that couldn't work.

And when I looked through the magazine and saw this lovely photo, I realized it was a *bathroom* and not a kitchen, although I wouldn't mind a bathroom or kitchen this lovely either. Have any of you ever remodeled a kitchen? If so, got any tips to share?


  1. I wish I had room for a tea drawer! Although it would need space for tins of loose tea, too. I'd like to remodel my kitchen but realistically, I just need to re-organize my cabinets! :-) - Joy

  2. Good luck on your kichen re-modeling dreams! That's a beautiful bathroom shown in that magazine--it's probably half the size of my whole apartment. I've never remodeled a kitchen, since I've always lived in a small rented apartment. My kitchen is tiny, but I have helped it with some pretty Danish portable shelving under the counter. I haven't come up with any good ideas for my tea storage--mostly I just need to get rid of the old teas and ones I don't really like.

  3. My parents are almost finished doing a forced kitchen remodel. They had a leak. My advice would be to budget a lot more than you think you need. It seems everything is costing more than they originally thought. Good luck.

  4. Great ideas! We are building a house over the next 14 months. Maybe I can incorporate a tea drawer in my kitchen. Most people would find this adventure fun. I am finding it very stressful, all the decisions you have to make. HA!

  5. Wishing I had a tea drawer, but it would still probably be disorganized as most of my tea are in pouches, boxes, or an occasional tin. Ugh! I just toss them all into a large basket.


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