Monday, August 15, 2022

A fun weekend with family!

 It was a family-filled weekend at our house, and we had so much fun seeing our Wisconsin grandkids as well as the ones who live a few hours north of us here in Georgia! Here, Alex is with Owen, Michael, Andrew, and Bella. (As chief photographer, I'm almost never in family photos!)

And here are Heather (my stepdaughter, who lives in Wisconsin) and Hunter (my stepson, who lives here in Georgia) with Alex.

Our grandaughter, Bella, who loves drama, entertained us with a brief monologue from a play she's been rehearsing for.

When Heather's family arrived, they came bearing gifts, including a favorite sweet, the Sea Salt Caramel Kringle from Uncle Mike's Bake Shoppe, a Green Bay bakery that we love-love-love.

Can you taste the sugary goodness from the photo? Too bad this isn't a scratch-and-taste photo!

Did you note that above, Alex was wearing an old Packers T-shirt in honor of our Wisconsin family? We quickly became Packers fans after Brad and Heather got married years ago, and thanks to them, we've even been to a Packers football game at the legendary Lambeau Field in Green Bay. So imagine my delight when Brad, our son-in-law, shared a video from the Green Bay Press Gazette that features a delightful teatime tale about the Green Bay Packers. It's here. Enjoy!


  1. How wonderful it is when family visits! And what a delicious looking Kringle treat they brought. I look forward to watching the Green Bay video this evening. - Joy

  2. That Kringle looks oh so yummy!!!! How fun to have family gather in Georgia. Marilyn M.


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