Friday, August 19, 2022

A cup of "Comfort" from Twinings

Last week, I stopped by an Ollie's store to see if they had any more of that Twinings vanilla-and-fig-flavored tea I love (they did), and the clerks happened to be opening some new cases of Twinings tea and shelving some flavors I hadn't yet sampled. Since they're only $1.99 a box, I'm certainly willing to give all of these a try!

Coconut and ginger are always welcome ingredients in tea, and turmeric seems to be enjoying a very long 15 minutes of fame as well. 

I liked this tea a lot, and I found it has a lot of "heat" for a coconut and ginger tea. When I checked out the ingredients, I learned it also contains black pepper, so that must be where that peppery bite came from. I'll probably save the rest of this tea for fall, when I can't seem to get enough of warm, spicy teas, and I was happy to add this flavor to my growing stash of Twinings tea bags!


  1. Your teacup looks extra pretty next to that box of tea with the same colors! And the tea sounds interesting - I've heard that tumeric is good to help with inflammation, but also that it can upset the stomach if taken in large doses - so the amount in a cup of tea might be just right! I'm glad to know about it. Have a great weekend! - Joy

  2. This is one I've never seen. I have to venture into an Ollie's and see if our's has it. I do love Twinings tea and my stash is growing thin!

  3. This sounds interesting. Twinings should make a variety pack of these teas.


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