Friday, May 13, 2022

Arizona Green Tea Fruit Snacks

A thoughtful reader alerted me to the existence of these Arizona Green Tea Fruit Snacks a while back, and I finally came across some at Ollie's last weekend.

May I just say that I find the term "fruit snacks" for candy a little odd? I mean, fruit is a snack. I'm talking mandarin oranges (my current favorite), apples, pineapple, mango, peaches, blueberries … you get the idea. These snacks are gummies. I'll eat a gummy once in a very great while, but they're not usually my thing.

These flavors include Original (the original Arizona tea, I guess?), Apple, Mandarin, and Plum. When I studied them up close, I realized that they're in the shapes of oriental fans and Arizona tea cans, which is rather clever. And they taste … like pretty much every other fruit-flavored gummy I've tried, but these do contain green tea extract. And since these were a teatime novelty, I was happy to try them. Are any of you gummy fans?


  1. I love gummies; wish I could find some of these!

  2. I'd try them but probably not eat them often. Cute shapes, though.

  3. Those ARE cute little gummies, and their package is pretty. But since I don't care for green tea, I wouldn't buy them. My favorite gummies are gummy worms,

  4. My mom purchased these for me as a silly addition to a Christmas gift. They're quite sweet but I did enjoy them.

  5. Sounds like something my kids would like. They like gummies a lot more than I do.


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