Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Twinings Blackcurrant Breeze Premium Black Tea

The Ingles grocery store in Bremen has really become a favorite grocery store of mine. We don't have an Ingles in my town anymore, but whenever I visit my dad's and am returning home, I often stop by the one in Bremen because it has a great deli, lots of fresh produce, and often, something new on the tea aisle. This week, I picked up a new-to-me blend from Twinings. (The bone china tea mug, by the way, is a fun souvenir I actually bought at the Twinings tea shop in London, and I'm quite sure it made my tea taste even better!)

This Blackcurrant Breeze Premium Black Tea caught my eye because it's a blend I haven't tried before. It's described as a flavored tea with blackcurrant pieces, but when I smelled the steeped tea, I detected an almost grapelike scent! And when I sipped it, I detected the same subtle fruit flavor, along with a rich black tea base. I thoroughly enjoyed this blend of tea and will be picking up more next time I'm at Ingles.

I also liked the fact that unlike a Twinings tea I ordered from Great Britain over the summer, this one comes with the tea bags individually packaged, which makes them perfect for sharing, and I do like to share something new when I send a card or thank-you note to a fellow tea lover. Have any of you tried this blend? Are you a fan as well?


  1. I have not tried that one but it sounds good. I am not familiar with black currants, but I'd be willing to try it. :-) Love the mug, too.

  2. This is my favorite flavored black tea! I had it first at the Tea Room in Madison. It is difficult to find. Will be heading. To the local Ingles when I get home. I have orders it from Twinningsand fromHarneys. I love it from both. Glad you found it. Buy all they have!

  3. I'll keep my eye out for this tea. I think I had a sample of this in the past. But I've never seen it for sale.


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