Monday, September 19, 2016

Some new flavors of fall

On Friday, I visited the World Market store in Smyrna and picked up a couple of fun new fall treats. Actually, I picked up some wonderful new pumpkin cookies as well, but my Aunt Jane, niece Amelia, and I ate a few of them on the way home, and the rest somehow disappeared at my house over the weekend. (But if you see those pumpkin-filled oatmeal cookies at World Market, get 'em. I couldn't have baked any that tasted any fresher, and I would have been proud to have these on my table at tea!)

It's been years since I've bought any Pumpkin Ginger Tea from Republic of Tea. This tea is a black tea blend with pumpkin pie spices, and the ginger gives it a nice little zip that distinguishes it from other pumpkin teas. I had some with a pumpkin cookie while the living room was scented with a pumpkin fragrance candle. Yes, I like pumpkin!

Also, you know how last week I was so tickled to find those Pumpkin Spice Spoons at Barnes and Noble? I was going to go back and get another box of them for a gift for someone, but before I could, I found this new Maple Cinnamon variety at World Market. Don't these look tasty? I love the fact that they are made using cinnamon sticks for the handle. So, did you find any new tea treats over the weekend?


  1. I went to a wedding in Nashville over the weekend but unfortunately didn't have time for shopping except at Cracker Barrel, where we ate lunch. They had some cute sugar shapes that looked like fall leaves, I may wish I had bought a box. Those maple cinnamon spoons sound delicious, as does the tea.

  2. Angela, when I ever get moved I have to live near all your shopping haunts. I am drooling over these items. Blessings

  3. Cute idea to use cinnamon sticks for spoon handles. I wonder if they could be diy? I'll have to check Pinterest.

  4. The maple cinnamon spoons look so nice ♥

  5. It's beginning to look like fall.... just wish it would feel like fall! The cinnamon stick handles on the spoons are clever and fun!


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