Thursday, September 1, 2016

A very special teaspoon

When you become known as "a tea lady" to your friends, you just never know who will surprise you with a gift. In Sunday School this week, my friend Georgia gave us all a report on her recent mission trip to Uganda, and to my great surprise, she got me this wonderful decorative teaspoon while she was there!

She doesn't know what it's made of, and it feels much heavier than plastic, but we both agreed it can't be ivory since that's not permitted. Some type of bone, maybe?

I was touched that Georgia included me in her quick run for local souvenirs while in Uganda. She said she was so busy working on this trip that there was no time for leisurely shopping. One thing that impressed me was how those on the mission trip took candy, which the children called "sweeties," and they would gather 'round when "sweeties" were being given out because they were such a rarity. I also was impressed to hear that some of the women in Uganda were so grateful when a Bible study was planned just for them, because usually such activities are reserved for the men and children. (The women received some small gifts from the mission trip folks as well, but I gathered that the women were more impressed by the mission workers' thoughtfulness to them.) When I hear how little others have, and I think of how very much God has blessed me with, I have to hang my head a bit. So I am grateful not only for the generous gift of a teaspoon from a thoughtful friend who went to Uganda but also for the gentle reminder that gratitude is something that can be cultivated worldwide.


  1. What a gift your friend and her team were to the women and children in Uganda. And how lovely that she remembered you while serving there. That is a very interesting spoon and its story does make it extra special.

  2. Nice of your friend to think of you Angela. I donate as much as I can to the Bibles for Missions store near us, such a good cause. Very endearing that the women of Uganda feel special to have a bible class just for them - something we take for granted.

  3. What a truly thoughtful gift! I am absolutely sure thatis bone- looks like it to me.

    Good point about being grateful - an important reminder for sure. Hugs.

  4. Angela, this is a beautiful post and reminder to be grateful for what we have. Thank you so much for sharing. Blessings

  5. What a thoughtful gift. Thank you for the reminder of how blessed we are


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