Thursday, September 8, 2016

"Cath Kidston Teatime: 50 cakes and bakes for every occasion"

When my anniversary gifts from Alex last week included an Amazon gift card, I consulted my ever-growing Amazon wish list and realized that "Cath Kidston Teatime" was being released this week. I knew that's what I wanted, and when it arrived, I saw it was an excellent choice!

I have long loved the cheerful floral prints that are synonymous with British designer Cath Kidston, so that was already a plus, and the recipes in the book preview on Amazon were for lots of good old-fashioned English treats. One thing I noticed about some of the afternoon teas I've experienced in England is that the foods aren't quite as "dainty" as we've been led to favor here in the US. I think that's probably a good thing, as it makes teatime seem less "precious" and more like something to be enjoyed without a lot of fuss.

The book includes recipes for both sweets and savories suitable for teatime, and I especially loved the idea of using puff pastry to make these Asparagus and Ham Rolls.

I've made bara brith before, a tea bread that is actually made with tea, and this Lady Grey version greatly appeals to me.

What also appeals to me? The pretty endpapers in the book. They are sooooo Cath Kidston!

And they remind me of another wonderful anniversary gift from my husband, a Cath Kidston Floral Coloring Book and a case of new coloring pencils. I'm still rather shocked that he has picked up on the British designers I like, but he said he noticed how much I enjoyed that teatime coloring book, so he thought I would like this one as well. 

 And I do! It's been a real Cath Kidston–themed week around here, and I like that just fine!


  1. What great gifts! I think that Teatime book is going on my Amazon wish list, too. Happy anniversary and happy coloring!

  2. I think they are all lovely gifts and will look out for the Cath Kidston TeaTime Book

  3. Lovely anniversary gifts and there you are busy colouring away already!
    Unfortunately is not as good as the US version but I like to keep a wish list going in case I'm asked what I might like for a gift.

  4. I love Cath Kidston. So dainty and pretty!

  5. Pretty! The book and your coloring


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