Friday, September 30, 2016

A surprise catalog from Simpson & Vail

When I did a quick search of all my old blog posts, I could find the name Simpson & Vail only once, for a peach-flavored black tea I tried (and enjoyed) years ago. So I'm not quite sure why I received a copy of their new tea catalog in the mail, but I'm certainly glad that I did!

Literary Teas! Oh my goodness, I want them all. I need the Jane Austen tea, the Louisa May Alcott tea, the Lewis Carroll tea, maybe some Edgar Allen Poe tea (because quite a few of my fellow fiction editors seem to love Poe). Maybe I should try to collect them all!

And while I've always associated Davidson's Teas with "dessert tea," I'm sure willing to give S&V a try with these yummy-sounding new blends like Caramel Walnut Shortbread and Snickerdoodle.

They even have cute and very reasonably priced tea tins. Have any of you ever ordered from Simpson & Vail? If so, what do you recommend?


  1. I've vever ordered from them but that looks like an interesting catalog.

  2. This catalog arrived on my doorstep also! The literary teas jumped off the page at me too, and I was surprised to see they were introduced last November. The flavored sugar crystals (rose, mint, and hibiscus) interested me, too! In an era when companies rely heavily on their websites, I hope this means we are stepping back in time where the paper catalog is once again respected!

  3. I also received the catalog today! Yay. I ordered the Beatrix Potter herbal tisane blend for my swap partner, Robin Cooper-Wood over on ATAA. Not sure of her thoughts though. After emailing me, they mailed me a printed invoice, which was unexpected. It was expensive for shipping. For 1 canister of tea at $9.75, it was $13.10 for residential UPS ground serivce totaling $22.85.

    1. Oh my goodness! Thanks for that info ... I'll have to wait for a discount shipping coupon!

    2. And just to follow up: I was nosy enough that I had to go see if my shipping would be as much as yours, considering that Georgia is much closer to Connecticut. It was going to be $12+, but I saw that I could choose USPS Priority Shipping and that was only $6 or so. It looks like it automatically chooses UPS for you unless you know to select Priority (which I wouldn't have but for your email, so thank you!).

  4. I've never ordered from them. Sounds like lovely teas.


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