Friday, July 15, 2016

Peach Tulsi Tea from Divinitea

After trying a disappointing peach-flavored tea earlier this week, I was only too happy to experience a nice fruity taste in this tea I recently received as a sample. Tulsi, also known as Holy Basil, is said to be revered in India as a sacred, healing herb. This Peach Tulsi Tea blend from Divinitea contains organic black tea, organic purple tulsi, organic orange peel, and natural peach and orange flavor.

The tea looks very much like a rooibos, doesn't it?

The nice coppery brew that resulted was a perfectly satisfying cup of tea, with a light (but distinct) peach taste, a soft sweetness, and its flavor reminded me of a rooibos as well. A pleasant end to the week in tea-tasting!


  1. That sounds good! I'm glad you had a nice peach tea this week. I've been drinking Republic of Tea Raspberry Peach tea, iced, for my mid- morning pick-me-up each day, it has a nice peachy flavor.

  2. Nice to know about this one. My husband loves Tulsi teas and would enjoy this one.

  3. Glad you ended the week with a good tea. I have seen Thai holy basil but not India. I will have to research how they differ.


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