Wednesday, July 27, 2016

New magazine for fall: Teatime Celebrations

About this time every summer, I'm dripping sweat during one of my afternoon walks when I start to seriously think, "I can't wait for fall to get here." I've already started spotting the occasional brown leaf on my daily strolls, and I find myself fantasizing about cooler temperatures, warmer clothes, cinnamon scones, and spice teas. As if reading my mind, Tea Time magazine has come out with another special issue, Teatime Celebrations, that has me even more ready to welcome fall!

The teawares in this issue, as always, are incredible. I've long been a fan of Herend (not that I own much of it!), so this Herend Printemps china in a feature on a Birthday Surprise Tea immediately caught my eye.

A softer palette prevails in Come to My Tea Party, a feature about a children's tea. Is there anything sweeter than little girls in smocked dresses?

But the recipes are what make this issue such a hit with me. This is the cover cake, a Pumpkin-Chai Bundt Cake with caramel icing. Much as I love to bake using tea as an ingredient, I've never made a Bundt cake with tea in it, and I'm eager to try this one. If you're ready for some fall inspiration as well, this magazine should do the trick!


  1. I am certainly ready for fall weather! I appreciate the lovely photos and recipes that help get us in the mood for fall.

  2. Fall already - we've barely had summer here in the Pacific Northwest! :-) I know the Midwest has had a really hot summer, so they're looking forward to the cool.

  3. I just purchased this over the weekend, and was happy to see some dishes I own displayed in the book. I plan to blog about it.
    It's been an unusually hot summer here in Michigan too, but I'm not fantasizing about cooler temperatures because in the north our winters are SO long and SO cold. I always hate to see summer come to an end, because I know what will rapidly follow it.

  4. Sounds and looks like a good issue!

  5. Love your review, Angela - this looks like a great issue: delicious recipes, beautiful photos - on these simmering hot days, a glimpse into fall is refreshing! Hope you're having a nice summer, Joanie

  6. That bundt cake sounds delicious.


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