Wednesday, July 13, 2016

When good teas go bad …

So the grocery store had this Tazo Organic Peachy Green flavor of tea on sale for just $2.99 a box this week, and I thought I'd give it a try. A blend of green and black teas with peach flavor? Sounded interesting.

"Flowery peach and delicate cucumber notes," it said. A) I want my cucumber in sandwiches, not my tea and B) Peach and cucumber? I didn't read that part or I might not have been so quick to purchase this bargain tea.

But here's the thing: this tastes like plain tea. No peach flavor that I could detect, and certainly no cucumber. It's not bad, exactly, and maybe it was simply past its sell-by date, but it's just not the flavorful tea I paid for and expected to sip. So this will go into my "mystery iced tea" collection. This summer, I've been having a fun time using up bits of leftover teas and blending a new iced tea every few days. I've sipped iced greens and blacks and rooiboses, and occasionally I've even blended plain black and green teas with some fruit-flavored tea bags. It's not a bad way to use up tea that's lost its luster. Like this one. What do you do with old or less-than-sparkling teas? Do you ever make iced tea with them?


  1. A) I completely agree on the cucumber! and B) What a disappointment - no wonder it was on sale. At least it didn't taste BAD, and can be blended with other teas. (That's a good idea, thank you.) I tried some Republic of Tea "Comfort and Joy" tea iced, last week - it was delicious!

  2. Definitely they go into my mystery ice teas. Not that fond of Tazo in any form, but especially when they were taken over by Starbucks.

  3. I had never even thought about an expiration on teas. When I don't like a tea I just toss it out. This has not happened very often though.

  4. Sorry your tea wasn't as flavorful as hoped. I love your "mystery iced tea" term. I do the same thing with teas I want to use up.


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