Thursday, July 28, 2016

A tea towel made with love

Like many of you, I'm quite fond of tea towels and consider myself a small-time collector of them. I have vintage tea towels, souvenir tea towels, some lovely modern tea towels, but never before have I owned a tea towel made with love (just for me!) until I received one in the mail this week!

The thick, squishy envelope was from tea friend Ginger in North Carolina. Inside was a darling tea towel she made from fabric she found on She washed and hemmed the fabric (something I'd never have gotten around to doing myself), and she told me in her note that it's of cotton and linen, so it can be washed with my regular towels. I absolutely adore this design, and since I am a tatter, I was so tickled that the doily behind the teacup features tatting, which you can tell by the loopy "picots" along the outer edge.

And the icing on the cake (or maybe "the clotted cream on the scone"?) was finding that a little fabric hook had been sewn onto the back of the towel, and that's how I know my beautiful new tea towel was "hand made with love" by Ginger!


  1. It's lovely! The design is perfect (I love the tatting, too) but the very best part is that it was Handmade with Love.

  2. Oh that is so thoughtful of her - what a neat neat neat towel - and a more appreciative friend she'd never find to send a tea themed tea towel to! My word, say thsat ten times fast, right? LOL

    Hugs! Sorry I have been busy but as for my last post, you know why!! ♥♥♥

    PS Loved the prettiest ty card ever sent, that was so awesome, ty right back, hon!!

  3. So pretty......thoughtful for you Angela!

  4. So pretty......thoughtful for you Angela!

  5. So glad you like the tea towel. Spoonflower has some great fabrics.

  6. What a pretty tea towel and how thoughtful of Ginger to send it your way - handmade gifts are the best! Joanie


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