Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Whittard of Chelsea's Breakfast Earl Grey

Today I'm wrapping up my sampling of the new teas I recently received from Whittard of Chelsea in London. This week's taste test: their Breakfast Earl Grey.

This is a minor point in the great scheme of things, but I must say how much I love their packaging. The design on this and another package of Whittard tea I received is just lovely!

But the best thing was the taste of this "breakfast" blend of Earl Grey, which I enjoyed a great deal. The round tea bags have larger holes than I usually see in bagged teas, and I can't help wondering if that helped to permit the rich, full flavor of this tea. I took a sniff before sipping my steeped tea, and I got that amazing woodsy scent that I love in tea, something I rarely find in a tea bag. I was delighted that although the tea was indeed nice and strong, I didn't get the astringency that sometimes is a concern with brisker teas. I'd never thought of Earl Grey as a breakfast-appropriate tea before, but I must say I do now!


  1. Angela, I've heard that the Queen (Elizabeth II of course) likes Earl Grey as her breakfast tea.
    You are in good company. I prefer Lady Grey tea which usually has less of a bergamot taste.

  2. This tea looks delicious - thanks for the review. I love the teacup too, Joanie

  3. Not a real Earl Grey fan, but when I do drink it I like it in the morning. Very nice!


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