Thursday, August 16, 2012

Time to get our teapot calendars

Several years ago I nearly missed out on getting the popular Teapot & Tea Calendar many of us are so loyal to. In fact, if I hadn't had a dear friend (waving at Joanie!) working at a local store and able to track down this calendar at another branch of the store, I'd have gone without that year. Whew, that was close! Happily, my friends at Scott's Bookstore in Newnan called recently to say the new teapot calendars were in and they were holding one for me "just in case I wanted it." Indeed I did!

I'm always eager to see the photo accompanying my birth month, May, and fittingly there are pink teawares and roses on "my" page next year. Lovely!

I'm also partial to this circa 1800 patriotic-looking teapot from March (also featured on the cover), since this happens to be the birth month of my husband, who shares a birthday with one of my best friends, and it's also the birth month of a goodly number of tea bloggers. If you haven't gotten your new teapot calendar yet, I'm sure there's still time, but I like to post about it each year in case anyone new to these calendars wants in on the fun!


  1. What a truly bizarre coincidence! Only just last night- just a mere few hours ago even - I was thinking of just that very thing!

    Hubs got a raise yesterday (whoo hoo) and we were discussing our next year travel plans as he goes into a difference seniority bracket on Dec 31st of this year giving him another week of vacation and he was all about getting some solid plans lined up to travel and I had to download some calender 2013 pages from the internet to write potential dates, etc. and thought to myself "I wonder if the tea calenders are out yet?"

    Get out of my head, Angela, haha!

    Seriously though, thanks for the reminder - they are the BEST ones ?DEFINATELY!

  2. Is it that time of the year ALREADY to start purchasing calendars for 2013? I know it is for the specialized Teapot Calendars, but it seems like we just began 2012. Where does the time go??? Thanks for the heads-up on the 2013 Teapot Calendars, Angela. I love the blue and white cover.

  3. Exciting! Can't wait to see it all. A good friend sent me mine last year. Now, do I wait and see if that is what she will send again or go for it early???
    Ruthie at:

  4. Angela, last year there were no postcards like there used to be. Is it the same this year?
    Thanks, Ruthie

  5. This is my favorite calender too!

  6. I'll have to look for one of these next time I'm at a bookstore. I did manage to find two of the mugs at TJMaxx that you mentioned in your post this past Monday. I bought them both. I also found two black mugs with "tea" written all over in white and two black mugs with "chocolate" written all over in white. I bought two each of those too. I've been told it's a peculiarity of Geminis to buy two of everything. Must be something to it because I almost always buy two of whatever I'm buying and then try to figure out who to give the second one to. Anyhow, next time you're at TJMaxx you might want to look for the black mugs. I got a different set of black mugs at Marshalls a few weeks back so you might want to look there too.

  7. Funny, but I was just thinking about this calendar and wondering if I would get it again this next year. Someone just gave me a calendar (not tea related) and I thought maybe I would settle for that. But now you have enticed me again. Off to the store.

  8. Hello Angela, what a sweet post today - brings back so many fond memories!

    The photo for May looks lovely, all 'your favorite things!' The rose is so pretty in that photo. I will go by Scott's, thanks for the reminder,


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