Friday, August 17, 2012

A few fun finds from Grannie Fannie's

There are few things I enjoy more than a nice ramble through an antique store. One I rambled through this week was Grannie Fannie's on the square in downtown Newnan. I hadn't been in a few weeks, and I was delighted to see they have now filled the upstairs as well. The store is housed in a charming old building with lots of character, and I enjoyed checking out the new space almost as much as I enjoyed my shopping, which resulted in a few new (old) pieces of silverware and a great vintage cookbook.

The design of this pretty fork reminded me of the one I found at the Portobello Road flea market in London many years ago. The backstamp has been almost rubbed away, so I'm clueless as to the maker of this piece.

This fork didn't have my name on it, but it did have my initial on it, so I got it as well. It's marked "Old Company Plate." The silverware was the first thing I saw when I walked in the store, and happily it was marked $1 for any piece. Terrific!

I have been on a quest to collect vintage local cookbooks, and this $3 one from the American Legion Auxiliary in Newnan was a fun addition to my collection. It doesn't seem to include a date, but in the brief history of the club the most recent year mentioned is 1952. You won't be surprised to learn I always turn to the sweets first, and I found recipes for Tea Cakes (which I always love to come across), Graham Cracker Cookies and the impressive-sounding Waldorf-Astoria Chocolate Nut Cake. Isn't it lovely that cooks of yesteryear had a sweet tooth just like we do today?


  1. I liked idea of the Drop Cookie recipe -- the Cuban molasses and adding enough flour to make the stiff dough. What I do find difficult in older recipes is when they call for things like "a #2 can." Since we don't label cans like that now, I have to estimate the ounces or see if anyone online has a list of comparative sizes.

  2. Treasures and more treasures! The fun is in the hunt!

  3. I have never cooked with lard but i am going to try this recipe.I bet the tea cakes will be flaky. let you know. My Sunday morning treat .

  4. Angela:
    I would love to have you come link to my Friday OPEN HOUSE!

  5. And the cooks didn't worry about gluten and sugar when cooking. Just love the old cookbooks and the silver with the A is so pretty.

  6. Love your finds today Angela! Joanie


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