Tuesday, August 28, 2012

A better-late-than-never tea towel calendar

My husband, who loves college football as much as I love tea, has been eagerly awaiting the start of his beloved college football season. That reminded me I need to find a few new sewing projects for when I'm upstairs hiding out from the football games, so I went online to see if there any new tea-themed fabrics that inspired me. And there may be, but the most inspiring fabric I found, at Spoonflower.com, is actually a tea towel calendar design that I absolutely adore. Why else would I have ordered a 2012 calendar at the end of August 2012?

But c'mon, is this design brilliant or what? WHY, WHY, WHY am I only now learning about this? Tea friends, clearly we have fallen down on the job, else we'd have known long before now about this amazing design where each month is cleverly chronicled on a teacup. It's by a Canadian artist, Cynthia Frenette. I don't know her, but I'll bet I'd like her!

And we know this design is most assuredly tea and not coffee because of the teaspoon and sugar cubes! I actually intend to use my "tea towel" as artwork, and I'm crossing my fingers that the artist will do a 2013 version as well. If you, too, would like to order this tea towel fabric, go here and click on "Fat Quarter". All you have to do is hem it and you're done. And if you do order, please tell the good people at Spoonflower.com to give you more than a mere 1/8 inch border of fabric up top, as mine was quite a challenge to hem, but at least it preserved all of the wonderful design!


  1. So cute!hope there willbea 2013one, too.

  2. What a darling print! Isn't spoonflower fun?! I love football season and I have such a hard time stitching if my team is playing ... because I get too into the game and, ummm....move a lot. LOL! :)

  3. Hello,
    that calendar is pure tea delight. Such a fun.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Best greetings, Johanna

  4. What a colorful calendar! Makes me want to turn back the hands of time, and start all over again in January!

  5. I'm blessed that hubby doesn't follow sports on TV, but I do have to constantly listen to the 70's & 80's music channels. ;-)

    I love your tea towel calendar - I'll have to order one. Thanks for sharing.

  6. You find the darndess tea things. Cute!

  7. Love it. Spoon flower has neat things, but I don't check very often. Let us know if a 2013 version is released.

  8. That is the cutest tea towel!
    I can see it in an open frame (stretched tight) and you could use it as a bulletin board, adding in photos from 2012! Maybe a few 'S' hooks at the bottom to hang cups from...I love the colors, Joanie


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