Monday, August 6, 2012

Something new and novel in iced tea!

It continues to be iced tea season here in my neck of the woods, so I was happy to be offered samples of some interesting new tea bags for making iced tea. Le Palais des Thés, it seems, had come out with some tea bags which claim to brew tea at room temperature in just 30 minutes. Now I steep all my iced tea in the fridge these days, but it takes hours, not minutes, to fully develop flavor. Cold brewed tea in 30 minutes? Was this even possible?

The individually wrapped, extra large muslin iced tea bags arrived quickly. I couldn't wait to see if they truly made tea in 30 minutes, and I was also intrigued that they were said to have extra-long cords on them, meaning I wouldn't have to fish the tea bag out of the pitcher later.

As you can tell, I was more than a little skeptical about that tea-in-30-minutes thing, but there it was again, right on the box.

Well, the cord indeed was long enough to hang over my pitcher, so they got points for that! (And I sampled with only one tea bag to begin with, though it takes two for a quart-size pitcher of tea.)

I sampled both the White Peach green tea and the 7 Citrus oolong tea, and I am delighted to report that they were both refreshingly fruity and quite flavorful after just 30 minutes! I sipped these all weekend and enjoyed the taste as well as the ease of preparation. While I've begun to see more cold brew tea products in stores, this is the first new tea I've seen that promises, and delivers, iced tea fast! To learn more, visit the company's website here. Also, I have saved a few of these tasty new tea samples and will be including them in an upcoming Saturday giveaway, so stay tuned if you'd like to try these for yourself!


  1. These sound delightful, I will check them out.

  2. Intrigued! I have purchased Le Palais des Thés teas when in Paris, but not seen them here in the US. This does sound delicious! What a treat for you and whoever wins the drawing this week.

  3. My pkg. arrived in the mail today. The notepad is even prettier in person. Interesting teas. Thank you very much for the giveaway.

  4. OOhhh so good to know, thanks so much! Sounds so refreshing right now!

  5. Living in the south, we take great pride in our iced teas. :o) I've never seen a cold brew tea I liked at all but I love tea so I'll try any brand/flavor at least once. I've never seen these before.

  6. Glad to read your review of these Angela, they sound very refreshing!
    That glass is so pretty. I have been enjoying the 'iced teas on sale' at QT - 32 oz for .49 cents - such a bargain! Any time we drive by, we get a tall cold one! Joanie


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