Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A rainbow of teapot tablecloths

It's been a while since I found any affordable tea-themed linens, but recently I came across a gray-toned teapot tablecloth on eBay for under $10. I was pleasantly surprised when I was the only bidder and won the auction!

Like many vintage tablecloths, this one features a solid colored rectangle in the middle surrounded by a very graphic-filled border. I just love all the different teapots on this tablecloth!

Good thing, too, because I already had this tablecloth in blue.

And pink. I saw it in yellow once as well, but it was a bit faded so I didn't buy it. (I regretted that.) I also saw it in green once on eBay, but it went for a very high price so I didn't bid. (And I didn't regret that!) There are very few tea collectibles I own that I've been able to collect in various colorways. A few brooches, a few tea towels, but these are the only tablecloths I have in different colors. Are there other tea collectibles (besides teacups, of course) that you've found came in different colors?


  1. I would love to own that gorgeous tablecloth,and for such a price.

  2. Love the tablecloths! Are all yours the same size? I will be looking for these in other colors for you as I prowl the shops.

  3. This is such a cute print, I really love the blue one. I have a hard time finding nearly anything tea related recently... seems the shops (both new and second hand) in my area are woefully devoid of pretty tea things as of late. What a bummer :o(

    Thanks for sharing, Angela! I hope you're doing well and having a nice summer! I might be making my first trip to Georgia soon! Part of my family just moved to the Augusta area, I can't wait to visit them!

  4. That is a great looking tablecloth. I love the teapots and the ostrich plume looking design. All the colors are pretty, but especially the pink and black.

  5. Thanks, friends, and yes, Belinda, they are all about 44 x 52 inches. I would *love* to have your eyes looking out for these for me. Thank you!

  6. Very pretty table clothes. Other than tea cups and tea pots I do not have multiplies of any tea wares in different colors.

  7. Hello Angela, the table cloth is beautiful. I like the designs of the teapots too, very nice.
    Glad you had the winning bid,

  8. How fun to find the tablecloths in different colors. I have seen one of my table cloths in a different color and also one of my teacups. Neither one did I buy, but now I wish I had bought the teacup. Oh well. Saturday I will be out at an antique sidewalk fair and who knows.


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