Friday, September 23, 2022

Twinings "Glow" Tea with Strawberry and Cucumber

And once again, the tea aisle at Ollie's has captured my attention, this time with the "Glow" green tea blend from Twinings. 

Nettle and strawberry and cucumber in a green tea? Well, why not? When I got home and tried it, I was very pleased with the subtle strawberry taste with what sure seemed like a hint of mint. Indeed it was, as the ingredients include green tea, apple pieces, stinging nettle, natural strawberry and cucumber flavors, peppermint, and "steviol glycosides," which I learned are the compounds in Stevia.

When I looked up this tea on the Twinings website in the UK, I was surprised to see that *their* Glow blend is a peach-flavored white tea. Will that one come to the US eventually as well? That would be fine, but I sure like this one!



  1. That's an interesting combination of ingredients, for sure! I would not have thought "stinging nettle" would taste good, let alone be good for one's skin. We live and learn!

  2. That's interesting that there are 2 versions. You need a tea pen pal so you can trade. :-)

  3. Although the ingredients do sound interesting, since I'm not a green tea fan I'll pass on this one. Especially since I had a painful run-in with a stinging nettle plant in Russia a number of years ago!

  4. Now this is fascinating! Some tea to make us glow, I like that! Marilyn M.


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