Wednesday, September 21, 2022

A fabulous surprise: Alice in Wonderland Scentsy Warmer

 I stepped outside to get the mail one evening recently and had a box from Scentsy sitting on the doorstep. I knew the name of this company that produces those lovely scented wax warmers, but I've never owned one. I was about to take the box to my next-door neighbor, whose packages are occasionally left here by mistake, when I realized my name was on the package. What on earth? I opened it and was absolutely delighted to learn that my friend Alicia had surprised me with their new Alice in Wonderland Scentsy Warmer! (I at first typed "Alicia in Wonderland." Freudian slip, ha!)

I have always loved artwork and notecards featuring a stack of teacups, so it's absolutely brilliant that Scentsy made this warmer with that design!

And I wondered about the 10/6 in the design and googled it. Turns out, the Mad Hatter in Alice in Wonderland wore a hat costing ten shillings and six pence, so 10/6 became known as Mad Hatter Day. How fun!

In a bit of excellent planning, designers made the top teacup lift off so you can empty it of wax if you'd like to use another scent, although I am currently loving this "Berry Blessed" scent.

I actually received four wax bars with my warmer, so I will be enjoying this beautiful, fun gift for many scented hours to come. I think you can probably sense how absolutely delighted I was to receive this! Have any of you used Scentsy warmers before? I'm definitely a fan now!


  1. Oh, that's adorable! I may have to find a "Scentsy" person, it's just too cute.

  2. Angela, That is such a cute wax warmer. Perfect for a tea person. A thoughtful friend.

  3. I haven't been receiving your blog posts for awhile. Has something changed? I miss reading them. I did a search to find you. How can I sign up again? Thanks, Margie\TN

  4. I had never heard of a "wax warmer" before, but this one is very clever and cute!

  5. You are certainly finding interesting scented things recently. This warmer is quite cute. Marilyn M.


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