Friday, June 24, 2022

For Leon Day 2022: A tale of two Christmas plates

You know that tomorrow is Leon Day, right? "Leon" is "Noel" spelled backward, and among those of us who collect vintage Christmas decor all year long, Leon Day is definitely a red-letter day since it marks exactly six months until Christmas. Thinking about this day also reminded me that I'd been meaning to mention two lovely Christmas plates I've found this year that have presented me with a bit of a dilemma. First, there's this T&V Limoges gilt-trimmed holly plate I found at an antique mall early in the year. I'd been wanting one of these ever since I joined the Golden Glow Christmas collectors' group last year and first learned of this beautiful old china (the article I read is featured here). The plate was behind a display case, and I remember thinking I'd give up to $40 for the plate because I was pretty sure it was worth that or maybe even a little more. 

When the clerk pulled it out for me, sure enough, it was the T&V Limoges I'd read about it. It was only $8, so I couldn't scoop it up fast enough, and all the way home, I planned to get on eBay and find some more of these for $8 or so. To my everlasting shock, these plates sell for hundreds of dollars each! I like it, but I don't like it *that* much. One like mine is currently listed at $325 on eBay (or a set of five for $1,300). The only matching teacup and saucer I've ever seen was $250. Ouch. So … I'm keeping my little gold mine of a plate for now, but oddly, I liked it better before I knew it was so valuable. Is that crazy? (I think it's that I'm afraid to use it now.)

And on a similar but much less worrisome note as far as collectibles go, I found yet another lovely single Christmas plate at Goodwill a few weeks back, this time just $1.49.

As soon as I saw this frilly pink trim and color palette, I marveled that I had never seen this pattern before. And as with the T&V plate, I hoped I'd find others on eBay. There's only one that I've found, and it's $34.95 (free shipping). That's a maybe, but only a maybe, because if I can't have three more, I'll probably just stick with the one. I've seen teacups with the same border in a rose pattern but not with the Christmas tree pattern. lists a footed cup and saucer, salad plate, and bread and butter plate in this Châtillon pattern, with no photos, but they have none of the pieces in stock. So here I am, idly wishing for not one but *two* new sets of Christmas dishes to someday materialize. I'm planning to go thrifting with Aunt Jane tomorrow on Leon Day, so wish me luck—and don't forget to start shopping for your vintage Christmas pieces now!


  1. Have a lucky Leon day! Pretty plates! Donnaz

  2. I like both those plates, and I hope you'll use and enjoy both, even that "expensive" one because that's what it's made for. :-) Happy Leon Day shopping, I hope you and Aunt Jane find some more fun things.

  3. Great finds! You find the best deals.

  4. Love the Limoges plate.I did not know of Leon Day.
    Nancy Carr

  5. Those two plates are certainly interesting! It's really fun to look for pieces of vintage Christmas china. I have several "solo" pieces of patterns that I probably won't ever find mates for, but I enjoy them anyway.

  6. Love the Christmas plates, especially that first one. I had to laugh at Leon day. When I was dating my husband he would tell me his middle name because he didn't like it. Finally he told me it was Leon. I didn't think about it much, but one day during December we were driving down a street and there was his name hanging across the street in lights for a Christmas decoration. It just made me laugh to see NOEL backward spelling his very dislikable name hanging right there in lights.

    1. What a fun story! And I *like* the name Leon too! (Sounds sophisticated.)


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