Wednesday, June 29, 2022

A new tea shirt …


For years now, I have made it a point of enjoying my 1-1/4-mile walk through the neighborhood between 5 and 6 p.m. each weekday. It's always been a nice way to end my workday and a pleasant time of disconnecting from computer and cellphone. But this year? I'm here to tell you that this lifelong lover of hot weather can't take the heat anymore. I cannot. So now I'm walking early in the mornings before the Georgia humidity ramps up. And this year, I realized I've tossed so many old, worn T-shirts that I genuinely needed some more casual tees. So I was thinking of July 4 when I saw this shirt and ordered it!

This exact T-shirt design is no longer listed on Amazon or I'd share a link, but plenty of similar ones are still available. So if you need a "walking" shirt or a "Fourth of July" shirt, you may want to hurry and check out the tea-shirt offerings!


  1. Cute shirt! I love the hot weather but the humidity does get to me when it's high.

  2. That's a great t-shirt! I'm pretty good at spilling tea on myself.😊
    I do NOT like hot weather and high humidity, which we have plenty of here in Washington, DC. My long walks are done only in the mornings, when it's often humid but at least the temperatures aren't in the 90's yet. I am always VERY happy to see September arrive, with the possibility of some cool mornings.

  3. I really like this tee. I picked up a tea-shirt at the Charleston Tea Factory in North Carolina when I was back there last fall. When I wear it I always get comments. They may still have some on their website.

  4. Here is the link: My shirt was a different color, but said the same thing.

    1. Strange that my comments say Anonymous! Hummmm? Marilyn

  5. Such a cute shirt! And yes, the heat and humidity in the afternoon in Georgia is just TOO much for me.


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